Sat. Apr 17th, 2021

In my 25 years of counseling, I have helped thousands of people who had wounded hearts from emotional, verbal and sexual abusive experiences. The healing comes from God’s truth – when you know the truth, the truth shall make you free! (John 8:32)

A wounded heart can cause a distorted Father-God concept. If earthly fathers/mothers were critical or abusive on a consistent basis, the child growing up does not learn healthy love and trust. Their God-connection can be distorted because they did not feel loved by parents. They subconsciously transfer this distrust to God, and it hinders their understanding of God’s unconditional forgiveness and love even after salvation.

God’s desire is to re-parent the wounded heart with His truth! Many who keep others at arm’s length fear emotional closeness. This person needs help in understanding their value and worth comes from God alone, not based on their pedigree or performance.

Wounded hearts can lead to addictions. The temporary feel good of acting out with porn or workaholism or game addiction is short lived. The wounded heart destabilizes marriage and family relationships.

God’s truth is: He fully forgives, fully loves, and fully accepts us. We can do nothing to earn His love or salvation. We can be transformed by renewing our heart, soul and mind with His truths (Romans 12: 1 & 2).

I counsel nationwide by phone (636) 448-0121 and to other countries through Skype and Facebook video messenger. I counsel pastors and lay people in total confidentiality. My counseling is unique because of having the Holy Ghost 62 years, teaching God’s Word over 50 years, Bible-based counseling education, 25 years as a Certified Pastoral Counselor and Christian Life Coach. I continually add to my education.

Porn addiction recovery, emotional healing, marital issues, parenting, grief recovery, anxiety, etc., are just a few of the issues I counsel. God’s truth transforms a hurting, wounded heart! Try God’s truth in one session – you decide from there.


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