Sat. Apr 17th, 2021

I am an Apostolic (Acts 2:38) Certified Pastoral Counselor 25 years, Bible teacher 50 years, Holy Ghost-filled 62 years. Please go to my website: and read the ‘about ministry’ page – I explain all the issues that I counsel, including porn addiction recovery as a Certified Sexual Addiction Recovery Facilitator.

1 – I teach for churches/conferences nationwide from God’s anointed Word for spiritual,

emotional and relational growth. Seminars: Sexual Purity Seminars for All Ages  & Marriage Seminars from my book: God’s Design for Marriage purchase on website or as eBook:

2 – I provide nationwide Bible-based confidential counseling by phone/Facetime/Skype & Facebook video messaging for a minimal ministry offering explained on website.

3 – Watch my teaching videos on Carol Clemans YouTube channel. Read 390+ articles, videos & book: God’s Design for Marriage (shop) on my website –

4 – I provide confidential counsel for pastors and lay people.

5 – I co-counsel with pastors through Skype.

6 – I provide a counseling ministry for pastors as needed nationwide as an ‘off site’ ministry resource. Please call me (636) 448-0121 – I will answer any questions you may have.

7 – I have been writing a monthly column on counseling issues for the Perspectives magazine (Indiana Bible College) since 2004.

8 – Pastor Daniel Batchelor of Dupo, IL is on my Board of Directors for Life Enrichment Ministries, Inc. (501c3)

HISTORY: I’m 71 years young involved in ministry entire life –
married to ordained minister, Rev. Harold Clemans. First ten years of being a Certified Pastoral Counselor was on staff part/time for Bishop Kenneth Haney at Christian Life Center, Stockton, CA – taught six years at Christian Life College under Dr. Daniel Segraves – one of six subjects being “Principles of Counseling” – read details on ‘about ministry’ page @

Teaching, counseling and writing from God’s Word is my heartbeat to help others heal and grow in God (Ephes. 4:15). Please call (636) 448-0121 – leave a message. I have counseled for hundreds of pastors in the last 25 years.

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