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Arlo Moehlenpah – A Very Useful Website

For personal Bible study, this website contains review questions for each chapter of the Bible (a total of over 6,000), at least one quiz for each book of the Bible (e.g. Acts has 10), several Bible reading schedules, many articles on various Biblical topics, lessons and quizzes on character qualities such as honesty, humility, obedience, submission, thankfulness and sexual purity, Bible games of various types such as Jeopardy style, Speed Match and Speed Memory, and some PowerPoint lessons. All of the review questions and quizzes are also in Spanish. Some are in German, French and Swedish. Much information is given about the book entitled Creation versus Evolution: Scientific and Religious Considerations. This book explains what true science is and how science benefits mankind. It shows that nothing truly scientific contradicts the Bible but the theory of evolution contradicts not only the Bible, but scientific laws and mathematical probabilities. The book refutes many of the popular evolutionary ideas from the fields of anatomy, astronomy, biology, chemistry, dendrochronology, geology, paleontology, physical anthropology and physics. Evidences for the Biblical account of Creation and the Flood are clearly presented. Many questions that are often asked regarding origins are answered, and these answers will help strengthen the faith of those who are struggling between the two opposing views of origins.

The website contains videos of lessons on Science and the Bible, Bible Answers Regarding Creation, The Fossils Say No!, Design and Purpose in Creation and a debate against the Florida chairman of the board of atheists. Dr. Moehlenpah has taught courses on Creation versus Evolution for over 30 years at several Bible colleges and conducted sessions at over 200 churches.

Another area of the website deals with the book Teaching with Variety. It has been said that “the best way to teach is many ways.” There are videos on Aims and Objectives in Teaching, Storytelling, Asking and Answering Questions and Lesson Preparation. In addition to teaching Teacher Training courses at Bible colleges, Arlo and Jane Moehlenpah have done teacher training in many churches and conferences. Both of the above mentioned books have been translated into Spanish.

To order Creation vs. Evolution or Teaching with Variety books, Bible Games or to have them teach in your area, please contact Arlo and Jane Moehlenpah at 619-852-4979 or



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