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Electronic Giving


We have previously discussed the benefits of providing multiple ways for people to give electronically.  Since the number of people who carry cash or a checkbook continues to decline, churches need to adapt to be able to accept contributions in other ways. Electronic giving also allows for automation through recurring giving. People are comfortable setting up automatic bill payments, including church donations.  Having these options increases the amount of contributions that the church receives.

A recent study revealed that not all electronic giving is equal. According to the report, using a mobile phone was the most popular, with 57% of churches saying they use a mobile app. Providing an option to give on the church website was used by 24%, text to give was used by 14%, and 4% manually input account or credit card information provided by members.

Surprisingly, this particular study showed less than 1% used a kiosk. (A separate survey in 2016 showed 68% would like to see their church provide a kiosk option.) Our experience is that kiosks are still a popular option and also provide a visual reminder to give.

The trends are clear – the use of a mobile app continues to grow each year, and provides not only options for giving, but a way for the church to communicate with members and guests about upcoming events, volunteer opportunities, etc.

We continue to suggest that churches utilize all of these options, in addition to passing the plate.

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