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What a Difference a Year Makes

One year ago, my friend Tim Massengale, editor-in-chief of IBC Perspectives, offered me this space in which to share my thoughts on children’s ministry.

In the twelve months that have passed, I have seen several changes in my own life. My wife Rachel and I welcomed our seventh grandchild, Evalee, into the world. I completed thirty years of my radio show, Kids & Company. I was elected secretary for the Children’s Ministry Department of my district. And I travelled across the country providing teacher training and children’s ministry to churches on both coasts and points in between. Furthermore, I have had the monthly opportunity to communicate with you.

In the process of the last year, I shared with you the impact that “Just a Kids Service” can have, that kids just want to be valued, that we can learn lessons from McDonald’s, and that there is such a thing as “The Ministry of Hanging Around.” I spoke about not using the “B-word” (babysitting) in ministry, about a “Big Day” in the Bible, about my problem with the term “Bus Kids,” and about my first Bible teacher, Mrs. Hess. I told you that I started out as a Dad, that I don’t know what it is I’m supposed to gird, and that I don’t like Sunday Morning Surprises.

This month marks the end of my occupation of this space, but before I go, I would like to make a couple requests.

In the past year I have heard from those who have said that the column ministered to them. If it has done the same for you, I would love to hear about it. You could share your story through a call or a text at (209) 601-4315.

Additionally, I understand that this issue of Perspectives is going to be distributed at the UPCI General Conference in Kansas City. If you happen to see me there, please say hello (and be sure to let me know that this column suggested that you do so).

Finally, if you would like to stay in touch, just text the word BRENT to this number: 42828. You will then begin receiving my e-mail newsletter. Why not do it right now while it’s fresh on your mind?

Though this closes one chapter in my life, others are opening, and I look forward to what is around the next bend. Till we meet again, please remember this: Children are a priority to Jesus, and therefore they should be a priority to us.

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