Sat. Apr 17th, 2021

Kevin Pace, Fond Du Lac, WI — Like Elijah and the nation of Israel, only a bold demonstration of the power of God will reach this generation. Pray someone through in Walmart, pull someone out of his or her wheelchair, use the unlimited power that God has given you — or this generation will be lost.

The largest threat to the millennial generation is distraction. With the technology we now have, we can win a soul on the other end of the globe. However, most millennials have had more social media accounts than Bible studies and are keeping up with the Kardashians more than their prayer lives. We won’t miss the newest episode of our favorite show, but we’ll miss the will of God. We can’t hear God’s voice because we won’t take our earbuds out. If we would look away from our screen perhaps we could see the harvest.


Brett Potts, Circleville, OH — To bring revival to this generation will take faith. Faith that not only God can perform a work but trusting that He will! Depression and doubt are two of our most destructive forces. Regardless of the fact that many young people are very gifted, we lack confidence through God in our abilities. Many of us think that we fall short of being used of God because of our own inabilities or past failures. It is vital that we remember that it is God who is calling us. Despite these challenges, there is an ever-growing number of young people who are becoming more and more ministry-minded and, ultimately, missions-minded. We desire to return to the “Holy Way.” We yearn to see the Holy Ghost poured out like in the book of Acts.


Benjamin Ikerd, Indianapolis, IN — Revival will not be handed to us through our heritage, a new program or special speaker. It is something between us and God. Something we ourselves must seek out. There are plenty of fakes our generation has experienced, and we are no longer looking for a superstar in their technique, style of dress or social standing, because social media can tell us all that we want to know, and more. What millennials do hunger for is a genuine relationship with God and to be led by someone like this. Revival in this generation will come from a developed burden focused on God, and prayer over lost souls.



Andrew Herbst, Indianapolis, IN — Revival can only come with a full and complete dependence on God’s Spirit. Reliance on God is easy to talk and write about but not as easy to actually live. Self-image and talent is in the prime spotlight in this day and age. Speaking as a millennial, the sooner we get our self-image out of the way and stop trying to be cool, the sooner we can begin to live a “dependent lifestyle” wholly on God. The cyber arena, without a doubt, is one of the most negative forces with which we millennials fight. This battlefield lies in pornography, binge-watching and the continual checking of Instagram and other social sites. These distractions


accumulate hours and steal our time that could be spent in growing spiritually and building the Kingdom of God. Although the battle is difficult, many are choosing this “Holy Way” and seeking to be Biblical and not caught up in mainstream Christianity.


Jordan Simmons, Columbia, MS — “Thus saith the Lord, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths…” As a member of the next generation, I am asking for the old paths. The old path contains prayer, fasting, the Word of God and anointing. If we desire to partake in soul winning, the gifts of the Spirit, walking deeper in God, witnessing miracles take place, and finding true rest for our souls, we must pick up the torch from our elders and continue in this marvelous truth. The word millennials might have a negative connotation right now, but the millennials of the church can change that. Take a stand, walk in the old paths, and be a light to a world nearly consumed in darkness. The best days of the church have yet to come.


Ayanna Turner, Izmir, Turkey — Once the millennial generation sees the simplicity of applying God’s principles into the lives of others, it will quickly spread like wildfire. This generation only needs to be shown first-hand that the Gospel is still applicable to every situation.

Ecclesiastes 1:9 rings true in that there is nothing new under the sun. The biggest struggle that this new generation is facing is the fear of inadequacy and rejection. Technology is fighting to create avatar worlds where everyone is perfect, but true perfection can only be acquired through Jesus Christ. Only when we grow in our walk with God and have a holy boldness and confidence in Him will we truly overcome this generation’s greatest hurdle.