Sat. May 8th, 2021

In today’s world, there is a definite need for students in a Christian school environment to be motivated, equipped and inspired to attain their highest level of achievement. Also, there is a need for organizations to be motivated, equipped and inspired to meet the challenges in today’s complex educational arena. Meeting those needs is the mission of a former missionary, who now offers training and help for teachers and students.

Dr. Carolyn Simoneaux and her husband served as Apostolic missionaries in Africa for 30 years. During that time, they founded an international Christian school. Because of working with that school, Dr. Simoneaux decided to complete her education. She received a master’s degree in 2008 at Liberty University in Virginia, then her Ed.S. degree in 2010 and doctorate degree in 2015. She graduated from Urshan Graduate School of Theology (UGST) with a master’s degree in Christian Ministry and now serves as an associate professor at Urshan College. She and her husband attend The Sanctuary in Hazelwood, Mo.

Dr. Simoneaux’s CPS Educational Consulting Firm offers teacher training and workshops that encourage motivational skills and anything a Christian school would need for teachers and staff. CPS also offers educational therapy, academic tutoring, achievement and cognitive testing, homeschool assistance and leadership training. She explained, “I also do consulting from the ground up. I can help in training Sunday school teachers, and if a church wants to start a Christian school, they can bring me in. I will do feasibility studies and consult with them on hiring, training and curriculum, etc. I also am a licensed Educational Therapist, so I work with students who need help academically, preparing students with skills that will last a lifetime. I give training to teachers on the best way to teach age-appropriate material and to motivate their students and update practices for today.”

The topics she teaches are Leadership and Developmental Child Psychology, providing teaching skills from childhood through adolescence. “Involvement in Christian schooling can be tedious and stressful,” said Dr. Simoneaux. “Teachers need motivation and encouragement. We learned from experience in Botswana, using a trimester system. In between semesters I always tried to bring in someone from the outside. Our staff was then better motivated and equipped in the classroom. Any time training skills are offered to the faculty or to the student, it will only get better. It is better for them to be intrinsically motivated, rather than being driven by extrinsic awards, or by doing it just because.”

Dr. Simoneaux feels that the greatest need for churches to utilize this training would be to become knowledgeable of updated training and networking. She can be reached through her website,