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Carlton Coon – Don’t Quit On A Good Concept!

Home Bible Studies are still an effective tool for evangelism. For many years, I struggled effectively teaching chart-based Home Bible Studies. My challenge was condensing the amount of material. I’m sure the failure was mine. Many are effective teaching a “Genesis through Revelation” study.

It was also less than effective for me to teach a lesson or two focused only on salvation. Again, I’m sure the lacking is in me. The shorter lesson seemed to allow too little time for relationship building or questions.

Churches are being grown using both of these approaches.

Trying to teach a Home Bible Study that did not use either of the two approaches began decades ago. Several things did not work.

What the Bible Says . . . evolved. What the Bible Says . . . is topical. The lessons were first used as mid-week Bible lessons. The lessons were adapted to teach to the unsaved. For me, What the Bible Says . . . worked better than anything I’d tried. The seven lessons covered:  the Word of God, salvation, repentance, baptism, the Holy Ghost, speaking in tongues and the nature of God. A student handout and worksheet for homework eventually became part of my teaching process. The existence of What the Bible Says . . . is a lesson in not quitting on a good concept.

In time, I realized a few others also struggled. What the Bible Says . . . was published in the late 1990s. For 15 years, What the Bible Says . . . was out of print. When life took me to North American Missions, there was no staff or time to compile the three-ring binders – which was the way the lessons were provided.

After several requests, What the Bible Says . . . will be re-released on March 15. The current version is updated and is no longer in a three-ring binder. Student handouts and worksheets remain. A discount is available for any who pre-purchase What the Bible Says . . .

The discount coupon code Persp5 offers an added 5% discount for those who read Perspectives.

Carlton L. Coon Sr. pastors (Springfield, Missouri). Past Director of North American Missions. Author of 23 books.  For a conversation about revival e-mail  Blog posts and resources are at On the last Tuesday of each month at 7:30 CST join a Facebook Live Webinar at Carlton Coon Sr.

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