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Carlton Coon – A Durable Seed

Common vegetable seed remains capable of producing vegetables for as long as six years. The seed of God’s Word remains capable of producing fruit for much longer. A major difference? Vegetable seed must be stored in a cool, dry place. The seed of God’s Word must be planted in someone’s mind, heart and life to ever be effective.

Larry taught Steve, his co-worker, a personal Bible study. There was no visible impact. Steve never even visited the church a single time. Larry may have felt that his efforts had failed. It hadn’t. In such a situation, God’s planted Word continues to be available to produce change. Seven years later at a midweek service, Steve walked in the door of the church. His friend, Larry, was surprised to see him.

Circumstances had changed. Steve was now an alcoholic. His wife was threatening to divorce him, taking their two young children with her. Steve’s life was in shambles. God’s Word planted in the home Bible study began to germinate. In a few days, Steve had repented, been baptized in Jesus name and filled with the Holy Ghost.

The Bible study was not wasted. Instead, circumstances had to change in Steve’s life. When circumstances were right, God’s Word was already in place.

Home Bible studies work to produce changed lives. Effective Bible studies come in several forms. I use my concoction, What the Bible Says . . .. After being out of print for fifteen years, What the Bible Says . . . has been re-released. What the Bible Says . . . has seven topical lessons. It includes teacher’s notes, reproducible student handouts and student worksheets. The topics taught are the Bible, salvation, repentance, baptism, the Holy Ghost, speaking in tongues and the nature of God.

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