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Tom Foster – Vision

What makes a great team in a church work? Some say it takes a great leader, but without strong workers, the leader can only do so much. Some would say you need a great music team, but without a great outreach team, the music team will have no one to sing to. Another may insist that it’s all on the prayer team, but the church still needs some follow through to be great.

It’s never just one ministry. It will be a mixture of strategies possessing a few common ingredients that creates the WOW. The leaders and workers will learn how to triumph together. Not every church will do it the same. But they can have some dependable characteristics that will cause the WOW in their church, leading to growth and revival.

One characteristic is vision. Not just words on a website or business card; I’m talking about a God- stimulated idea. Something that moves the church out of its comfort zone. A God-inspired idea causes the church to dream of what could be.

The vision must be the guiding force for the church or ministry. The vision is a picture of the chosen destiny. It is the church’s designed future. The vision gives direction. Without vision we perish.

Three elements of vision:

  • Be precise: If people can’t remember the vision, they will never catch the WOW!
  • Be manageable: People should be able to communicate it to others in less than a minute.
  • Be incendiary: Ignite a fire of passion that moves people. It should burn in the heart but be too big to do on our own. The vision should cause a WOW in our spirit.

A vision that WOWs the church will have people that give their life to it. They are saying, give me a vision to die for and I will not miss coming to church. Give me a vision worth living for, and I’ll get involved in it. Everyone wants to be a part of something that is making a difference.

As leaders, let’s seek Jesus; hear and see His vision so clear that we are overwhelmed by it. Let it consume us to the point that it spills out in everything we do. Cast the vision and watch the WOW Factor happen!


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