Tue. Apr 20th, 2021

It happens without anyone really noticing. Year after year, certain vendors increase their costs. Perhaps the increases aren’t significant, but they add up over time. Here are a few areas that we encourage churches to review on a regular basis.

Cell phones: There is so much competition that it is recommended to call two to three times per year to see if money can be saved by switching to another plan or to see if discounts are available. It doesn’t mean you have to switch providers, and you may get a larger data package without an increase in cost.

Internet: Plans that are only a year old are probably out of date already. We recently doubled the speed of our plan for the same cost we were paying before.

Trash: Shop for a better price at least once a year. Also, determine if you can rent a smaller container or decrease the frequency of your pick up to save money.

Commercial Insurance: I have seen churches save 40% in premiums by shopping for their commercial insurance. We recommend shopping every year. Remember to also evaluate the savings from higher deductibles ($2,500 – $10,000).

We suggest calling other vendors for competitive quotes, as well as calling your current vendor to ask them to reduce their costs.