Sat. May 15th, 2021

The seed is the word . . .  (Luke 8:11). The good seed are the children of the kingdom . . . (Matthew 13:38).

Seed is viable when it results in new growth. In nature, scientists understand that seed has a shelf life of as long as 150 years. Recently, seed that was several thousand years old was found in a European peat bog. When conditions are right, even seed thousands of years old produces new life.

The seed of God’s Word and the seed of the children of the kingdom have lasting viability. The Bible lessons taught to children and young people often produce life-changing results after the person becomes an adult. Home Bible studies have been taught that had no impact. Then, a person’s circumstances change and the seed of the Word of God begins to germinate. The lessons:

  • Keep planting the seed of the Word of God. Keep planting the seed of the children of the kingdom.
  • When possible, be aware of people’s changing situations.

What are some situations that cause the seed to germinate? The late Jack Yonts taught us a stress chart. The principle: the higher a person’s stress level, the more ready they are for life change. Some of the highest stress factors are the unexpected death of a family member, divorce or the loss of a job. When a former home Bible study student goes through a time of stress, reconnect with the person.

Evangelism is often strategic. “Stress factors” do come into play. A man who maintains our church lawn is an example. His life turned upside down with a heart problem. During a hospital visit, the conversation turned to teaching him, What the Bible Says . . .. The Bible study happened! Since then, he has been baptized in Jesus name and will soon receive the Holy Ghost. A month before the heart problem, the same man may have had little interest in What the Bible Says . . . or in attending church. Circumstances prepared the way for the influence of a “child of the kingdom” and “the seed of the Word.”

Be strategic! Be sensitive to people’s stress. Sow the seed of God’s Word to the right people at the right time. However, in cases where you sow the seed without response, always be mindful that situations change.

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