Chemistry is the harmonious interaction between people working together.  We need chemistry with our team to accomplish the vision of the church. Teams that have chemistry have success. Chemistry is not about everyone being the same but everyone working together for the same purpose with openness and honesty.

Let’s look at some general factors that will bring the chemistry of the WOW FACTOR to your leadership team. 

  1. Everyone must understand the vision of the church. They must see how their ministry fits into the broad view of the church. They must know what they are building. People must be reminded constantly that they are doing something wonderful. Don’t expect transparency and vulnerability to just happen. Find ways for them to bond over the vision that causes them to come together as a team.
  2. Successful leadership teams know how to be real with each other. There is no room for hypocrisy or deception. The more real a team can be with each other, the more likely they will have the WOW FACTOR. Openness and transparency are encouraged. If one is hurting, we all hurt. If one wins, we all win. We are family.
  3. A team knows how to celebrate together. When there is a victory, celebration is in order. Teams should look for reasons to celebrate. Personal victories like anniversaries and birthdays are good reasons to throw a good party. Wins in ministry should be remembered also.
  4. A successful team will know how to settle conflicts. They know that working through contentions and remaining committed to each other is so important. They can say what is on their mind and resolve the conflict and walk out of the meeting with love in their heart for each other.

These are a few ways to come together as a team. When a team has this WOW FACTOR, it allows common people to achieve uncommon results. 

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