Wed. Apr 14th, 2021

Jonathan Blake, Pana, IL – Social media can be a blessing, or a breeding ground for negative behavior. I enjoy instant communication, GPS, and keeping up with folks on social media. I love having unlimited study resources on my computer. Technology is a blessing but requires a balanced approach.

We celebrate technological progress, but not every advance is a move in the right direction. Occasional teaching regarding technological advances would be very beneficial.


Kevin Luke, Kountze, TX – We live in a world that is depicted by Paul in Romans as “inventors of evil.” I believe it would be amiss of us today to take every new advancement as a good means to further our society. We can’t be “ignorant of the devil’s devices” but we must compare everything to the Word of God! Before you allow any type of new innovation into your life, learn about it and ask yourself if it violates God’s design, the principles that govern the fabric of your life and, most importantly, does it please God no matter what everyone else is doing?

Going forward, we should identify with the mindset of Paul and be a “wise master builder.” As we build our lives, we must be mindful to take heed how we build upon the Apostolic foundation we have been given. We have to keep our minds geared toward God and not allow ourselves to be deceived.


Wesley Manning, Leesville, LA – As a leader and representative of Christian beliefs, I believe we must take a firm stance against these such subjects. The uncompromising Word of God gives us clear lines of understanding. These are the issues of this day and, as Jesus and the disciples addressed the issues at hand in their times, I do believe these things should be made aware of.

The way we deal with these issues going forward is to know the signs of the time and do our part to be educated enough to talk about them. We need to know what we believe and stand for truth. We cannot compromise with the world and have revival. We must take a firm stance against sin and not waiver. We are God’s representation in this world, and we must give Him our very best.


Tom Murphy, Hineston, LA – The belief science embraces is counter to God’s sovereign design. When mankind interferes with God’s design, the results are disastrous! We are still encountering the fallout of Sarah’s decision for a child. God is the final authority on all that humanity intellectually conceives, and the outcome is based on His Word being obeyed. Humanity must be submitted to God in all things in order for the outcome to be favorable. The genetic engineering, reproductive technologies and so on are God’s business and must be preached and taught as God’s perfect will alone!


Keith Manning, Casper, WY – I do believe the Bible is the ultimate authority. The principles of the Bible applied in the 1st century can still work in the 21st century if applied today. God is the same today as yesterday; He changes not.

Yes, I do believe technological advances should be discussed from the pulpit. This will bring awareness to the times we are living in. Technology has never been the problem; the root cause of using technology for evil has always been wicked and perverse hearts. We should be teaching how we can use technology for the glory of God. In these last days, it is paramount we address issues that are relevant to society today by teaching the ways of the Lord.


Matthew E. Drake, Richlands, NC – I believe careful study of both the Old and New Testament will reveal the mind and will of God and that once we are able to understand who God is and His plan for humanity, we are better able to answer what our position should be on these difficult topics. These answers, in my opinion, will ONLY come from the Word of God.

Genetic engineering and reproductive technologies are vague terms that are difficult to answer in short form, as they could encompass many different areas — from creating new species to developing insulin for diabetes. I am not fundamentally opposed to research that involves providing solutions to diseases, but I would be against the development of new species or drastically altering genetics from God’s design.

The bottom line is that we are God’s creation. How we govern ourselves must be patterned in Scripture, and we must follow that example.


Kevin Whitney, Foley, AL – God controls life and death. Advancements in treatments and medicine should never come at the expense of life, i.e. abortion. Science inhumanely attempts to “fix” what God “broke.” David’s mother and father forsook him, yet God planned for him to be Israel’s king. God told Jeremiah He formed him before ever being in the womb.

Every church is different, so not every pastor needs to discuss this from the pulpit. We can teach the Biblical stance on these issues in classes to interested members. We can equip the saints who may have friends and co-workers seeking direction on these difficult issues. We cannot just sweep it under the rug. We should ask, “What does God say about this?” Human reasoning should not override what God says. Our beliefs and values should reflect the Word of God onto a culture that is starving for truth.


Seth Simmons, Austin, TX – Technological advances of the last half-century have raised important ethical issues and questions. As a result, many are looking to Christian leaders for answers. Time, cultures and contemporary questions do not change this truth: “All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness” (2 Tim 3:16).

Pastors and teachers have an opportunity to address contemporary concerns from a biblical worldview. Otherwise, in the digital information age, people will often find alternative views online from unaccountable and less reputable sources. Going forward, we can follow the example of Christ. He was aware of the controversial issues of His time but did not allow the Pharisees to put Him in a position that would compromise His primary purpose while on this earth: to seek and save the lost. May our answers to the skeptical and the sincere be filled with the wisdom, love, grace and truth of Christ.