Wed. Apr 14th, 2021

Revival is happening all over the world! To get workers ready for the harvest, the United Pentecostal Church of the German Speaking Nations (UPC-GSN) has consistently conducted an annual Bible school training program, Apostolic Ministry Training Center (AMTC), for 11 years.

In January 2008, Missionaries Charles and Stacey Robinette founded AMTC in Vienna, Austria with 50 local students. Now, AMTC is facilitating global Apostolic harvest in many nations involving multiple Trinitarian organizations. Over the last two years, AMTC has doubled its campuses and students annually. In 2018, AMTC experienced another great year of growth with 17 campuses and 395 students. Eighty-seven students from mostly Trinitarian organizations were filled with the gift of the Holy Ghost and 23 were baptized in Jesus name during 10 days of intensive AMTC training.

“A seven-billion-soul global harvest can only be achieved through consistent and purposeful Apostolic training!” said Bro. Robinette, UPC-GSN General Superintendent and AMTC President.

He said the purpose of AMTC is four-fold: 1) Standardize the teaching of the apostles’ doctrine, 2) Serve as a catalyst for local church discipleship, 3) Serve as a catalyst for lay ministry development, and 4) Serve as a deployable strategic evangelism tool.

“AMTC is part of our global harvest vision that must be pursued,” said Nathan Hulsman, missionary to Zurich, Switzerland and UPC-GSN vice president of AMTC. “It is an opportunity for the body of Christ to link arms globally in order to facilitate end time revival!”

Bro. Robinette testified of results witnessed through the program. “From 2015-2018, nearly 200 Trinitarian pastors/ministers/leaders have been filled with the gift of the Holy Ghost and baptized in Jesus name across the German-speaking nations,” he said. “As a result of these conversions, we received a call from the Bishop of the Evangelical Trinitarians of the nation of Angola. He said, ‘You have been baptizing all of my pastors in Jesus name; please don’t baptize anymore of my pastors until you baptize me.’

“The Bishop lands October 23 in Munich, Germany, and we will baptize him in Jesus name and he will receive the gift of the Holy Ghost! He has asked us to begin AMTC in all 400 of his churches in Angola by 2020 and to conduct a crusade in November 2019 so all 20,000 of his people can be born again!”

AMTC is an opportunity for ministers from North America to take part in God’s global harvest. The UPC-GSN is looking for Apostolic ministers to teach, preach and harvest during the May 14-27, 2019 AMTC semester.

They are projecting over 40 AMTC campuses, 500 students, and that 250 people will receive the gift of the Holy Ghost and be baptized in Jesus name during the 12 days of classes.


This would be considered a missions trip, which is paid for by the instructor. AMTC campuses will be held simultaneously in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

If you are interested in serving as an AMTC instructor at one of the 40 campuses in May 2019, please contact Bro. Hulsman by email at