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Tom Foster – Leaders of Influence

The impact of a voice is determined by the influence of the leader. Who is listening to the voice of the leader? One of the greatest measures of a leader is their ability to lead other leaders. Leaders are hard to lead, because they want to go their own way. But you must follow to lead.

Samuel was a leader that the people listened to and followed. He was an influencer of the people, the elders and the king of Israel. We will look to scripture to examine some of the qualities that made Samuel a leader of influence.

  • Samuel was secure in his calling. He did not doubt his worth or his calling. Samuel was never intimidated by a disobedient king. He would speak the word of God without fear or favor. People feel more confident in a leader who is secure in their calling (I Samuel 15:13-23).
  • Samuel was willing to share his authority. He gave the civil and military authority to Saul and he remained the spiritual leader. He honored Saul when God chose him to be king. Samuel did not seek to compete against Saul but to complete him (I Samuel 9:16-17; 10:24).
  • Samuel desired to help others develop their potential. He did his best to help the people and Saul to succeed. Samuel encouraged the potential that was in Saul, trying to develop him into the leader God wanted him to be (1 Samuel 10:1-9).
  • Samuel spoke truth to the people. When the people desired a king, he warned them what would happen (1 Samuel 10:18-19). He pointed out the foolish behavior of Saul and held him accountable. Samuel never backed away from truth (1 Samuel 15:26-33).
  • Samuel had a heart for God and the people. He tried to lead the people and Saul in the way of the blessings of the Lord. Samuel never stopped trying to influence Saul even when the Lord had rejected him. He mourned Saul because he was a leader with a heart for people (I Samuel 15:34-25).

What impact are we having on people? Why should people listen to us or follow us? If we ask ourselves these questions, we will find a voice of influence. We can be leaders that make a difference in the life of others for the purpose of Jesus Christ!

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