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News You Can Use – Outreach Programs

7 Ways for revival church to put outreach programs into motion

D.L. Moody is reported to have said, “I would rather train ten soul winners than win ten souls.” The key to effective personal evangelism and a consistent outreach ministry is for a pastor to reproduce his burden and ability into the hearts of his people. They must be trained, they must be led, they must be encouraged, and they must be organized.

The growing church finds the methods that work best for them and then work them for all they are worth. A pastor cannot allow occasional poor participation to discourage him from consistently sowing the seed of the Word of God. Not everyone will become involved in everything all the time. But it is better to do something than to do nothing.

Every structure should creatively facilitate and reiterate outreach. Effective outreach and evangelism doesn’t happen unless the structure of the church supports outreach efforts. Less time should be spent on doing business and more time spent on actual dreaming, planning and implementing outreach efforts. Outreach efforts should prepare the way for the direction of the church. For example, if you want to attract more families, consider providing a nursery and paying for childcare providers. Don’t wait to see if there is a need. Instead, anticipate what might make visiting families feel more welcomed.

Here are seven thoughts that come from a revival pastor to keep in mind as you put outreach programs into motion:

  1. Keep a revival spirit burning in every service.
  2. Find the outreach methods that work for you and work them.
  3. Involve everyone, somewhere, doing something in outreach.
  4. Make your outreach and personal soul winning dwarf everything else.
  5. Don’t wear out your people doing too many other things or activities.
  6. Your leaders (and the pastor) must be an example in personal soul winning.
  7. Plan your work and then work your plan.

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