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Carol Clemens – Toxic Thoughts Are Deadly!

Satan is a sly old fox. His major weapon against us is planting toxic thoughts in our minds about our life. He does not know what we are thinking. He does not know our future. But Satan does know what has happened to us from birth until this day. He uses the knowledge of our life to try to make us define who we are by our past or current painful issues of life.

Our great God, Creator, Savior and Counselor knows the power of our thoughts that produce our feelings and then we make actions/choices. The Counselor says that death and/or life is in the power of the tongue – our thoughts create our feelings and then we speak death or life words. We will reap the consequences of our thoughts/words either for life or for death.

God’s Word says to take our thoughts captive to the Lord Jesus Christ. God does not place negative toxic thoughts in our minds. When I have a toxic thought, I start talking to God. I ask the question, “What is God’s truth about this?” We have power over our thoughts. We can choose to hang on to the toxic thought and allow the devil to take us to the depths of despair. Or we can replace the toxic thoughts with God’s Word.

God’s truth is that no matter what you have gone through or are experiencing now, He will never leave you or forsake you. If you are processing the emotional pain of sexual abuse or a pending painful divorce or the death of a family member, God knows your thoughts before you think them. God knows your heartache and feelings of total helplessness.

Take the painful thoughts to God! Talk to Him. Be gut honest about your feelings and allow His truth to penetrate your heart. We can do all things through Christ who infuses His inner strength into us. Join my teaching site: I teach in detail how to deal with anxiety and fear by the Word of God. I have new postings weekly. Be encouraged and have a transformed heart/mind by God’s Word! -Nationwide counseling (636) 448-0121. Teach for churches/conferences. Read ‘about ministry’ page for info. Mins. Ref: Pastor Daniel Batchelor, Dupo, IL. Bible teacher over 50 years. Certified Pastoral Counselor 27 years.

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