Sat. Apr 17th, 2021

One morning, I sank into the chaise lounge in our living room. The eerie calm of the house was welcomed. The goal was to think about, reflect on and worship God undistracted for an hour.
Within reach was a notebook to capture those pesky to-dos that surfaced. Next to the notebook sat my Bible. In an extreme need for focus I could open to a Psalm … what came next was truly unexpected.
Nothing. There were no tasks or thoughts of the day. The possibility of annoyance from the outside world grew silent when devices were set to “Do Not Disturb” and then left in another room. In the living room that day, it was just God and me.
I reflected on how good God had been to my wife and me. The house we lived in was modest but certainly a blessing. Victories replayed in my thoughts. Victories won only by the Spirit. This reflection is not possible when all we do is lean into the next thing on the calendar. We have to fall back into what has already happened to appreciate what God has accomplished.

Pastor Mooney oftentimes references old hymns while preaching. One of his favorites over the years is entitled, “Shut In with God.”
The chorus says: “Shut in with God in a secret place. There in the spirit, beholding His face. Gaining new power to run in this race. Oh, I love to be shut in with God.”
It was there, in that modest home, that I gained a new appreciation for this song.

Spending time with God in prayer, reflection and worship brought gratitude. In a world that demands we be on the move serving Him, I was able to find peace being with Him.

My challenge is simple: find time today to be still and know that He is God (Ps 46:10).
Each day presents interruptions in workflow and the duty of accomplishing tasks on the job; however, uninterrupted time with God strengthens our hearts for the drain of the day.
Our faces may not shine like Moses after his encounter with God. There may be no smoke, no flashes of lightning or thunder. However, we can still go to the mountain and worship.