Sat. May 8th, 2021

Church leaders who are in the trenches of gospel ministry need to be encouraged. According to a recent LifeWay poll, here are ten encouraging things that have been said to pastors:

  1. “I learn more about the Bible in five minutes of this study with you than I would in five hours of reading on my own.” Words like these make long hours in the study worth it.
  2. “I like the way you handle Scripture. It’s clear God has His hand on you.” What an affirmation of 2 Timothy 2:15 in this pastor’s life.
  3. “Preacher, just let me know if someone acts ugly to you, and I’ll lay hands on them.” This was from a man who, before he got saved, was known as “the toughest, cussingest, drinkingest man” in the county.
  4. “I expect you to do great things through your preaching. You’ll be the next Spurgeon.” No pressure there.
  5. “You don’t make me feel stupid . . . you help me understand.” To me, this screams 1 Corinthians 2:1-8 — preaching that’s simple, faithful, and that points to Jesus.
  6. “I thought you were too young to be my pastor but now I know I was wrong . . . you are my pastor, and I’m grateful for you.” This came from a church member who used to be a naysayer early on in the young pastor’s tenure. However, the pastor shepherded this family well, and it paid off.
  7. “I can count on you to preach the Bible.” It’s easy to bow to the whims and ever-changing winds of society, but it’s so worth it to simply preach the Word.
  8. “I’m 80 years old and I’ve never studied the Bible because I didn’t understand it . . . now I do and I know how it points to Jesus.” Heralding the gloriously good news of the gospel is worth it.
  9. “You’ve helped deepen my love of Scripture.” We’re not in the pulpit to preach on our ideas, but to proclaim Christ and Him crucified.
  10. “I love you.” Three simple words that make everything we do worth it.