Since Adam and Eve fell, humanity has produced one flawed generation after another. Physically, body parts fail, we grow old and eventually die. Emotionally, man sins, does evil and breaks when stress is overwhelming. Spiritually, a man may doubt God’s existence and turn away from Him.

Our temperament is made up of strengths and corresponding weaknesses. With our God-given free choice, we can embrace our strengths and use them to glorify God, or we can allow our shortcomings to separate us from God.

Once we identify our temperament, know and understand our weaknesses, we can learn to rise above our weaknesses. We can focus on our relationship with God and allow Him to enhance our strengths for His glory.

When we understand temperament, we realize that our weaknesses are not weaknesses at all. Instead, they are a result of our unmet temperament needs, and our attempt to meet those needs in ungodly ways.

The temperament is also what makes a person unique. For example, most people understand extrovert and introvert. However, did you know some appear to be introverts that are extroverts? The opposite is also true. Do you know how to tell the difference? How would it help you communicate if you knew the difference? Would it help you properly assign an area of responsibility in the church if you knew the difference?

This example is one of many where understanding temperament and the corresponding adjustments can make a world of difference. Literally!

As leaders, we need to have a clear understanding of ourselves and those for whom we are responsible. I can provide you and others with a personalized, comprehensive temperament report. This report will not only define your traits related to the mind, will and emotions but will also provide recommendations which, when met, will reduce stress, anxiety and conflict.

I am available to help you personally, in marriage and family. I am also open to coming to your church to teach on a variety of relational subjects as well as meet with people on site. Call me at 503-481-2934, and we can talk.


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