Technology has given us the power of smart phones and while most Christians recognize the potential danger for filth viewing, we still own one because of the potential information and the help it offers.

We just use caution, but, what about the danger of distraction? I’m not taking about Christian leaders who were in an accident because of distracted driving, I’m talking about the ministry distracted from their prayer time. It’s not just our phones, it’s our over busy schedule, community needs and church programs that can steal our prayer time. These other activities are not evil but good is only true if we have prayed first. Jesus did say my house shall be called a house of prayer. That should be the most attended, least distracted activity at our church. The great revival God wants to pour out in the last days will not be a result of human wit, technology or latest fads but will only come by extended passionate waiting on the lord in prayer.

Ps 37:34 says ‘wait on the Lord and keep His way and He shall exalt thee to inherit the land…’

A person doesn’t have to work to earn an inheritance it’s about a relationship. When we wait on the Lord in prayer it releases an inheritance from God that would never have been possible with all out human effort.

Don’t be distracted even if it’s good.  Lead your people to passionate prayer waiting on the Lord to lead His way.

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