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Christopher Henderson, Dean of Communications/Media –

I graduated from Indiana Bible College in the Spring of 2008. While on campus, instructors reshaped my thoughts about ministry. There is certainly a “head learning” that takes place, but instructors are also concerned with a learning of spiritual matters; where students can gain a sense of what God has for their lives, and how they fit into His plan to pour out His Spirit on all flesh. Given the secular onslaught against Christian thoughts and values in today’s school systems, I would consider Bible college a good idea for today’s youth. Some argue it is a wasted investment, however a significant number of Bible college graduates are able to continue their education at the graduate-level directly from Bible college. The necessity for Bible college is not limited to students who feel a call to preach. The current state of society suggests that all young adults would benefit from a Bible college experience. Every level of the academics at IBC were designed to challenge me to go deeper into God’s word, and get a tighter grip on the truest Book ever written.

Bobby Killmon: Dean of Biblical Studies.

I graduated from IBC in 2001. Bible College equipped me with the fundamental training needed for apostolic ministry, as well as the tools necessary for what I’m doing today. The greatest need for ministry is training, both in Apostolic ministry and doctrine. Due to its concentrated nature, I know of no better way to accomplish these than Bible College. If a young person feels a pull towards Apostolic ministry at any level, it is the best way forward even if he or she is not going to be in full-time ministry. IBC is committed as an institution to the pastor-saint relationship. We partner with pastors to train their saints, and provide multiple layers of accountability to ensure a spiritually-based student experience.


David Brown: Director of Library Services

Bible College gave me a sense of purpose and direction for my life. Bible College, done right, will train students how to think. This will carry over into every aspect of life, regardless of which career or ministry path the Lord leads them to later on. There are several types of people who will benefit from attending Bible College. First, those who are interested in ministry. Second, students who are unsure about which avenue to pursue in life. Third, those who simply desire a deeper knowledge of the Word of God. Fourth, Bible College will benefit young adults who wish to prepare for university after. While there are never guarantees of where a student will end up in life, we stress at IBC that his or her pastor is still the pastor. We also promote a spiritual environment with frequent chapel services, dynamic church services, and doing away with non-spiritual activities.


Jennifer Mast: Registrar/Instructor

I graduated from IBC in the Spring of 2004. At Bible College, I was able to work alongside the Biblical Studies dean, which fostered in me a love for biblical research and exegesis. Bible College also provided me the means to step outside of my comfort zone in social settings, broadening my sphere of friends and placing mentors in my life that help guide me to this day. Bible College is a great idea for those who wish to “reprogram” their thinking that may have been influenced by attending secular school, and is a much more cost-efficient option to transition into graduate-level education. In addition, Bible College provides a means for students to learn self-discipline, time management, money management, and forces growth and development in specific personal strengths and weaknesses. Preparation to take these skills and knowledge back to their home church is the goal of the administration. At IBC, no student is ever sent to a location different than their home church without the approval of their home pastor.


Jim Sleeva: Chair of Urban Missions

I am a graduate of Gateway College of Evangelism, Class of 1973. At Bible College, I learned how much I did not know about the Word and ministry. I was blessed to come from a church that implemented a solid Biblical foundation in me, but I was only able to receive that teaching for a few hours every week. Bible College allowed me to attend multiple classes, five days a week, allowing me to invest much more time and giving me a broader understanding of the Word of God. It also raised the importance of evangelism in my heart and spirit, exposing me to several missionaries during my tenure. IBC specifically employs a campus pastor not to replace the student’s home pastor, but to act as a daily overseer who can be privy to things that the home pastor cannot see while the student is away. Pastors who invest their students into the Kingdom of God through Bible College will see rewards reaped in their home church.


Jessica Tipsword: IBC Front Office Manager

I graduated from Indiana Bible College in 2018. It gave me hands-on training in many different areas. These included developing necessary people skills, as well as preparing me for practical skills needed in the job that I fulfill today. I believe that Bible College is a wonderful idea for today’s youth, given that it provides a deeper understanding of the things of God, as well as personal and spiritual growth. I believe that everybody, not only preachers, needs a solid biblical background and principles of persona discipline, both of which are offered in a Bible College setting. Specifically, students can feel the call of God not only in chapel services and church services, but also in the classrooms.


Interviews by Zack Ross, Assistant Editor

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