Wed. Apr 14th, 2021

Things that Make God’s People Weep


I am sharing with you the closing paragraphs of Bro. Andrew Bar David Urshan’s book, “The Supreme Need of the Hour,” published in Cochrane, WI in A.D. 1922.
“God’s heroes do not weep because they are afraid of persecution, or because of their earthly losses, they suffer for His matchless name: but they weep like Hannah of Old because they feel barren and not as fruitful for their God as they ought to be. See 1 Samuel 1:10-18. They lament because God’s word is not heeded to and His name is blasphemed right before their eyes and they feel like David of Old. See Psalm 119:53 and 136. They weep, because of the sin of God’s people; seeing them give place for the enemy to get into their lives and makes them captives of his mischievous tricks. This was the cause of Isaiah’s and Jeremiah’s weeping and lamentation. See Isa. 22:4 and Jer. 9:1-2 and Lam. 2:11.

They are sorrowful, because of the strange seed mixing up with God’s pure seed: that is, getting unconverted men and women into choirs and board of Trustees and into the Ministry of the Church of God to associate with the real children of God and to associate with the real children of God and the outcome is bearing of many treacherous children, or the sour grapes instead of sweet grapes of “The true Vine”. This was the cause of the sorrowfulness of the prophet Ezra. See please Ezra 9:1-3.

They shed tears and weep, because of the poor discernment of the saints, who so easily give in to the false teaching and follow the very enemies of the cross, who appear as the angel of light in sheep-clothing. This was one of the causes that made the blessed Apostle weep. See Phil, 3:18 and Acts 20:31

They weep because they remember their inconsistency before the Lord at the time of their backsliding. History tells us the Apostle Peter used to weep nearly every night when he heard the cock crow remembering his cruel denial of His blessed Lord in His hour of trial. They weep because they see both God’s people and sinners missing the day of their visitation; and because of their rejection of God’s message and therefore their fearful doom. This was the cause that made our compassionate Lord to weep over Jerusalem. See Luke 19:41-44.

They weep because they are a tender-hearted and broken-spirited people. The compassion of Jesus in them makes them weep with those that weep, hence a life of prayers with many tears. “Ye shall weep, ye shall lament and ye shall be sorrowful, but your sorrow shall be turned to joy!”

Reader, are you one of the weeping prophets? Sisters, are you one of the spiritual mothers in Israel of God? Oh! For a band of love loaded men and women, who will rather weep than leap, who would rather shed tears that shout. Who would rather have godly sorry that dancing and would rather pray, intercede, and travail than join those who run around for what they call, “A good time.”
May the gracious Lord forgive our lethargy, our selfishness, our love of pleasure more than God. May He speedily grant a spirit of grace and supplication to every reader of this book on prayer and may this, dear reader, cause you to pray for all God’s people, and me also, your brother in the service of the soon-coming King Jesus, the glorious Bride-Groom of our life, for His Name Sake. Amen.
Your brother,