“A Husbands Tribute”


Micki’s call to glory was acknowledged with sweet peace as her children and I
wept and sang songs of faith. We also felt the gentle presence of the Holy Spirit as she
ascended homeward. There was no fear, no pain; it was special.
Micki has served the Lord and His people from the time she received the Holy Ghost at age six until those final moments as we stood nearby and were blessed to hear her weak quiet words expressing her love and acknowledging our presence. We were all touched in a way that we will never forget nor ever set aside. The deep spiritual peace and love that she passed to us in those short amazing moments will help strengthen and carry us forward in the days to come. We all felt as if she was being carried away into God’s glorious heaven as He took her home.
As a child, Micki lived in Windfall, Indiana and was born again under the ministry
of Bishop Lester McGruder. Her mother and father were faithful believers. Her father
was the Sunday School Superintendent and the church became the largest attended
church in Windfall. Many ministries were born out of that small-town revival church.
Micki had a unique ear for music. Without ever reading a note, she learned to
play the piano within about three months. Soon she was playing well enough to lead
services and began traveling with the McGruders who became popular for their Gospel
singing and Bro. McGruder’s strong Apostolic preaching.
Micki and I became acquainted over time at Gospel concerts and the “Fellowship Meetings” that were held nearly every Friday or Saturday night in those days. These meetings were packed with people young and old and provided anointed services with preaching and music. Micki and I became friends, began to date, fell in love, and the rest is history. I asked the “question” and presented her with two dinner forks. This did not go well, as she was expecting a ring, which at the time I could not afford. I quickly told her that the forks were to be used at our first dinner as a married couple, and the confusion melted into her signature grin and she said, “yes!” What an amazing life and ministry we enjoyed together. And… I did get her the ring.
Micki was an amazing person. She was brutally honest, but never unkind, a
true friend, an anointed helpmate, talented musician, gifted encourager and coach,
counselor, and friend. She could and would give clear and truthful advice as so many
people could attest.
Micki was my gift in life. We dearly love one another. She bore my weaknesses.
Her constant critique of me was both thoughtful and playful. She had powerful signals
when I preached too long, but she always respected my countersignal. She was patient
in her corrections. She never resented the responsibility of the ministry. She brought a
unique balance to our work and family life. She was a great mother and grandmother.
She saw solutions, she saw people, she was never proud or arrogant. She was humble.
She loved to laugh. She knew how to give and to forgive. She knew how to pray and
she knew how to laugh and to love.
I love her…

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