Wed. Apr 14th, 2021

By Rachel E. Smith










“We don’t want to see anyone have to make a choice that would terminate the life of an unborn child. We want to say ‘we are here’. New Beginnings is here,” says Bro. Tom Velie, of Tupelo, Mississippi. “The UPC provides a great option that is full of grace and mercy to birthparents who made an unwise choice, and Friend of Life Partners help make it all possible,” said Velie. Friend of Life is a monthly partnership program that funds New Beginnings, a licensed and accredited adoption agency dedicated to promoting life and serving children, birthmothers, and families. “Friend of Life” donors believe just like the Psalmist David – that every life is sacred…It is a positive way for individuals and churches to take a stand for life,” said Velie.

For over thirty years, New Beginnings has worked to provide food, shelter, clothing, transportation, and counseling for young birth mothers. Bro. Tom Velie of Tupelo, MS has served as president of New Beginnings since 2002.. He has helped birth mothers navigate abusive situations, resulting in threats on his own life, and has ministered to girls with no connection to church who ended up getting the holy ghost and being baptized.

“We once had a husband who had come home from serving overseas and his wife who had gotten out of church for a short time, had an extramarital affair, and had become pregnant. They wanted to save their marriage. I sat in the hospital holding his hand while his wife gave birth. They placed the baby for adoption, and we found a good apostolic home. The couple went on to live for God and save their marriage, and many years later we still get a Christmas card every year. And that right there is what those Friends of Life people do. It is what allows us to sit in hospitals and hold people’s hands,” said Velie.

The Friend of Life partnership program is made up of individual and church donors. There is no set amount to become a “Friend,” but most donations from individuals range from $15-$50 monthly and from churches range $75-$100 monthly. “Partners receive monthly updates about an adoption that took place or information about what we are doing to promote adoption as the best choice when parenting is not possible,” said Velie. The Friend of Life donations go directly to caring for the birth mothers, in turn keeping adoption fees low.

New Beginnings is looking for Apostolic families wanting to adopt and especially to those who may be open to having a multicultural family. Private adoption fees in the United States generally run in the $50-65 thousand range. Adoption through New Beginnings is about half of that because of the contributions from Friend of Life Partners.

For more information about adoption, contact Cori Taylor at (662) 842-6752 or For more information about supporting life through the Friend of Life program, contact Tom Velie at (662) 842-6752 or Information can also be found on their website,