Sat. May 15th, 2021

On Wednesday, June 24, 2020, a piece of our hearts left this earth for her heavenly reward. My mom was special. She was so beautiful, loving, and giving – a true servant of God. She overcame so many of life’s trials and lived her favorite scripture, “Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, 0 Lord, my strength, and my redeemer” (Psalm 19:14).

I watched my mother face lifelong chronic pain after a horrible car accident caused by a drunk driver when I was just six, and in later years she endured other complicated illnesses. We prayed for healing, tried every treatment, but relief never came in this earthly life. However, through her pain and suffering, I was granted the privilege of having a mother who demonstrated what sacrifice, dedication and sheer determination looks like. She loved her kids, adored her grandkids, and was utterly devoted to Dad and their ministry together.

In the early days, she sat on an organ bench for five or more services per week, plus rehearsals. I used to go sit on the bench beside her and watch her dainty feet work the pedals knowing that the next day she would be exhausted and her muscles in spasms from sitting for those hours on the hard bench, with her posture straight and her genuine smile in place. She loved the church and its people.

Mom was a woman of faith and her pain and sickness seemed so unnecessary to me; especially since we serve a healing God. But, in retrospect, it is clear that God


allowing me to watch my mother persevere through her extended illness was a blessing. Through the trial, she taught us that faith, serving God, and serving people was so much more than “getting” things from God. She taught us faith was doing what you’re called to do whether you “get” what you think you deserve or not. She beautifully proved that suffering and enduring are just as biblical as receiving a supernatural, earthly miracle.

So…what would it have been like if Mom had received the physical healing we prayed for? Would we have rejoiced in the moment and moved on with our busy lives? Sure, our family would have had a testimony, but I can promise it would not be the same one. And, it wouldn’t have been the testimony or example I needed. Would I understand as fully how to deal with disappointment, how to not give up? Learned how to make life fun and exciting regardless if I feel like it? Would I have known how to handle the illness that came in my life and my husband’s? There were things Mom couldn’t do, but I didn’t know the difference really. She was there when she could be and watching her push through the pain to be with me, to love my family, and work in the ministry expressed a faith that could only come from the Holy Ghost.

Her compassion, care, and being witness to her incredible strength is teaching that no instant miracle could duplicate. Mom prayed for her miracle of healing often, but the miracle she received was living a life that would prepare me for living and understanding mine. Today she has no pain, no suffering, no sorrow -Rob, Micki Evangeline, and Robert Mooney and I will walk in Truth. We call her blessed. He is her redeemer.

Jaye Mooney Rodenbush


“I love my mother! I love everything about her. She was so beautiful with the tiniest feet and hands, but with the biggest heart. Mom had such a beautiful smile. She  had a natural glow about her that automatically lit up the room when she entered. There was dignity, class, and grace in the way she carried herself. However, none of those qualities could ever outshone her love for the Lord and the Godliness of her character. Make no mistake though,she could also her close to mother nature when she was elbow deep working on her pond in the backyard or dressing up the landscaping of her farm.

Micki Mooney could move in any circle. She was comfortable with those who she grew up within the farming community or strolling down the halls of the whit house. She could make any child feel as thought they were the most important person in the room.

When I think of who my mother was, words like beautiful, lovely, classy and Godly automatically come to mind. All of those words are certainty true, but one attribute stands out greater than the rest. Her love for God and the work of God opened up a reservoir of love for people like none i have ever seen. She LOVED people. She was interested in people. Her favorite thing was people watching. Mom impacted so many lives because she genuinely cared about people. She asked questions about their lives, not to be noisy, but because she really cared for and about people. Even in hospital stays, she knew all of the nurses; who they were, their families, and what they likes and didn’t liked. She asked one nurse, upon seeing her three months later during a second visit, how her vacation was and if she liked skydiving. She truly cared and sincerely listens. Mom knew every church member. She could recall their highs and lows in life, who was related to who, and what their hopes and dreams were.

Yes, Mom loved people, but she fiercely loved her family…especially her grandkids. I’m certain that each family member would agree that whether you called her wife, Mother, or Grandma the common theme would be that she made you feel special, unique, and loved. The world uses a phrase, “Love the one you’re with,” with a very wrong connotation. Mom turned the phrase into an art form. She truly loved the one/ones she was with. That didn’t diminish her love for the others. It just meant that she was always “present” when she was with you. She was listening, asking, talking, offering advice, laughing, joking, but mostly just making sure that you knew that she was right there with you.

Oh, how I will miss you, Mom. And even though you have been promoted to your heavenly reward, I will never be alone, never feel lost, and never feel empty because the love, laughter, and wisdom you poured into my heart will always remain with me…ever present. People are always telling me that I look exactly like you and I take that as a high compliment. But, more importantly, I want to be just like you, to have your heart, and your love for others. I love you, Mom!! See you soon!!

Adena Cheryl Pedigo

My “pie” illustrates my mom. She sings and plays organs, pianos, and most things with strings. She will beat on a drum if you give her a stick. She gave me my life, my rhythm, my pick; I love you mom!

-Jonathan Paul Mooney