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Broken, Not Crushed                                                              

By Charlotte L Pound












Veronica Flores.

Sugarland, TX                                                                                                      


“Broken Not Crushed”
A Single Mother’s Journey from Brokenness to an Abundant Life Through Jesus Christ.


Sister Flores, tell us a little about yourself and your ministry.

I am a wife, mother, and grandmother who also happens to be an author, speaker, and video creator. My husband Roy, and I attend Christian Life Church (Pastor DuWayne Turnbow) in Sugar Land, Texas. I have been serving the Lord for thirty years.

It was through teaching a College and Career Sunday School class for seven years that I learned that my gift was teaching! I love teaching and encouraging others through God’s promises. I also taught a high school Sunday School class for two years. I currently serve in the Ladies ministries and as a small group leader. I have been a speaker at a few of our Ladies banquets as well as a devotional speaker at our Ladies gatherings. My oldest son pastors a church and I was honored to be a speaker at their prayer conference last year.

Five years ago, I felt a burden to do something more for the Lord. I began ministering His love and His Word through a blog that led to creating a YouTube channel. I am passionate about encouraging women by sharing the Lord’s faithfulness through my own experiences. The Lord has shown me that when we deepen our relationship with Him who brings spiritual growth, we become an influence to the world around us – our spouse, children, family, coworkers, and many more.

  1. What problems do single mothers face that many may not be aware of?

Not all single mothers will have the same problems but the most common one is loneliness. I was very involved in the church I attended, and I knew the people well. I had close friends who prayed with me and for me. However, I can recall several occasions when the married couples and their children would get together for fellowship and I was not invited. This did not happen often but when it did, I felt forgotten, unnoticed, and extremely lonely.

Single mothers need fellowship and conversation too as they sometimes feel like all they do is interact with children who cannot understand the difficulties their mother faces. For those women who have little to no contact with their children’s father, they can also feel loneliness by not having the other parent share the burden of raising children as they have to make every decision regarding their life and their children’s lives. There is certainly frustration in parenting alone andexhaustion by having the full burden to care for and support the family, instruct, guide, and discipline.

  1. What can churches do to better help single mothers in their church?

Every single mother will have her own unique set of struggles and needs. James 1:27, “visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction.” Although I was not a widow, my pastor shared this scripture with me of the church’s responsibility to single mothers.

  1. How can churches reach out to minister and witness to single mothers in their community? Some ideas would be to provide car maintenance checks and minor repairs such as oil changes. Offer small groups and/or training classes on parenting, managing finances, preparing a resume, gifts, and talents. Provide counseling for both mothers and children.
  2. Can you share some success stories of how you or your ministry has helped single mothers?
    I have ministered to women who are married, single, divorced, and widowed. It wasn’t until last year when I was writing my book that I led a small group specifically for single mothers. I noticed a common theme, these moms just wanted to talk and be heard. They readily opened up about their struggles and their triumphs while deepening their love for the Lord.
  3. Share YOUR story of single motherhood and how you came to write this book.

I was an overwhelmed, struggling single mother of three children for many years. Although I had a wonderful support system, I was alone in raising them and had many struggles with finances. But God provided for every need we had, whether it was spiritual, emotional, physical, or financial. He promised in John 10:10 that He came to give us life and that more abundantly. We may not have had an abundance of material things, but we had an abundance of love, peace, and joy. It wasn’t until I was remarried that the Lord spoke to me about writing a book. I thought the Lord wanted me to write about my broken marriage. I even had a title for the book. But each time I would try to write it, I could not do it without feeling sadness and pain. For two reasons I stopped writing the book altogether. The first reason comes from 1 Corinthians 13:5 –love keeps no record of wrongs. The second was because my ex-husband had passed away and I did not think it fair to write about someone who would not be able to speak to it. I wrestled with writing this book for three years until December 30, 2018, when I received a message from the Lord.

For two weeks leading up to His message, I felt the Lord prompting me to come and sit with Him. There was something He wanted to tell me. It happened in the middle of the night, but I was too sleepy to listen! I am ashamed to admit that I responded the same way each time, with a short prayer and falling back into a deep sleep. However, very early on the morning of December 30, 2018, this all changed when I unexpectedly hear Him whisper in my ear: “Single mothers are important to me. Single mothers need to hear from Me.” I knew God was giving me a powerful message and an urgency to write His message came flooding in as my mind and body quickly awakened. Flinging the blankets away, I walked as fast I could to my desk to grab a pen and a notebook. I kept thinking, “Please wait, Lord. I want to write Your message down.”

Ever the gentleman, the Lord waited a few seconds before He continued: They need to know that I’m here for them. They need to know that I will never leave or forsake them. They need to know that I am their Provider. They need to know that I love them. Single mothers are important to Me just as I am important to you. This is where you have the most experience. This is where you have the most victories. Single mothers are important to me. Tell them that they’re going to make it. This is what I want your book to be about. You have many stories to share that will help others. Yes, you made many mistakes, but you also made many good decisions. This is what I’ve been wanting to tell you. You can do this, I’m here to help you again. This is My will for you. And I love you and all the single mothers I am going to reach through you. I love everyone and single mothers have a special place in My heart and in My plans.”

Left in awe and amazement, the only thing I could do was fall to my knees in tearful thanksgiving to Jesus. I was not only grateful for him speaking so clearly to me but that He was gracious and forgiving enough to speak to me after I had repeatedly ignored His earlier promptings. Instead of giving up on me, He used another way to tell me the message He had for me – and that was simply to speak directly to me! My heart was full of thanksgiving and humility that He would entrust me with this assignment.

  1. Tell us about your book. The name of the book is: “Broken Not Crushed: A Single Mother’s Journey from Brokenness to an Abundant Life Through Jesus Christ.” After the Lord spoke His message to me, I immediately set weekly and monthly writing goals to complete the book in 2019. I invested in a program that helps authors self-publish their work and my book went live on Amazon on December 8, 2019.
  2. What are the key topics covered in the book? I share stories and God’s promises on Him being our Healer, Provider, Promise Keeper, and Everlasting Father. Other topics include Living and Walking by the Spirit, Be the Best Next You, It Really Does Take a Village, Living Life Abundantly, and Walking Into Love.
  3. 9. If readers have questions, can they contact you? Yes, absolutely! How best? Facebook and Instagram: YouTube Channel: Veronica S. Flores