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Masking: How is The Church Dealing With It?

By Linda Schreckenberg

Bro. Leo Dante, Jersey City, NJ.


New Jersey requires us to wear masks, especially inside buildings and establishments. We have to follow the government officials who rule over us, since it is for the safety of everyone.

Our cases have gone down, and we see businesses opening and getting back to normal because of the strict enforcement of PPE, social distancing, testing, etc. to stop the spread. If other states at the present time have high cases, it would be better to shut down.

We are still live streaming and not wearing masks, since my wife and I are the singers, instrumentalists, preacher, and teacher. I think masks with church logos on them are a creative idea. In my opinion, the virus is one of the signs of the last days, but the end is not yet.


Thomas Dibble, Waterbury, CT.


Each pastor must seek the Lord for direction, but we must not be overcome with fear.  Our state has a statewide mandatory mask order. We’re not required to wear a mask at church, but it’s recommended we wear them in and out. I don’t judge anyone for staying home if they feel unsafe. I personally feel masks are not all that helpful. I don’t preach with a mask, and our singers and musicians don’t wear masks. We do have masks available for anyone who wants one, and we do practice social distancing.

I believe this has become a political issue, and a spirit of fear is being perpetrated upon the American people. There is a push for control/ antichrist agenda and one-world government, but I believe after the election, much of this will fade away.


Clarence Henry, Ozone Park, NY.


As a previous healthcare professional, I understand the importance of stemming the spread of viruses and bacteria. We’ve seen the efficacy of wearing masks, and many healthcare workers are kept safe because of masks and the washing of hands.

I don’t agree with a shutdown. If everyone complies with wearing masks, appropriate social distancing, and hygiene, people should be safe. When a person shouts or sings, they release moisture from their mouths, and with air conditioning, this can cause aerosolization of COVID-19. I intend to preach with a normal voice and keep the front rows empty. We give all visitors a free re-wearable mask and have ordered masks with our logo. We have designated seating, and a sign at the entrance reminds them of the social distancing order.

I don’t think COVID-19 is the end-all event. The Spanish Flu killed 500 million.



Art Wilson, Wayne, MI.

We’re in the top five states with COVID, and masks are required to enter any business. The virus is prevailing because people are in continual circulation. With the information I have from the high-level meetings at the UN, with a one-month shutdown, the economy would recover, and the virus would be done.

I don’t preach with a mask. We wear masks in the services, but can take masks off while seated. Our platform singers don’t wear masks on the platform, but our musicians do.

We practice social distancing in our seating and provide masks for the people with our church logo. Our welcoming station takes your temperature, gives out gloves and masks, and provides sanitizer.

New resources will soon be created that should take the fear and restrictions away, and natural remedies will gain more notoriety. The government is creating a vaccine, but independent groups like Israel are also working on one. Some we can trust, others we can’t. We’ll have to put up with COVID for a considerable amount of time, but not to the degree of panic.


Joel Bean, Gray, TN.

            Masks are required, but county officials aren’t penalizing people. Our area has been hit hard, which has caused more awareness. Church members wear masks entering and exiting the building and while conversing with people. During worship, they can remove their mask.

I don’t agree with a shutdown. We’ve lost people to COVID, but to stem the spread, I prefer to wear a mask over staying home.

I preach without a mask. Our singers put masks on when they leave the platform. Our people quickly adopted social distancing measures such as hands-free greeting, etc. We have masks available and have explored the idea of our logo on our masks. We provide hand sanitizers and sanitize the building.

I do see a connection between the conversations out there and the one-world government, etc. of Revelation.


Theo Heartsill, Walnut Springs, TX.

We can better handle the situation now without a shutdown. People are cautiously practicing social distancing and personal hygiene. I’ve lost friends to COVID, but shutdowns lead to undiagnosed health issues, domestic violence, abuse, bankruptcies, and children’s education and social skills being affected. It’s creating a huge financial crisis in many directions.

We canceled services temporarily, due to state recommendations. Our platform singers and musicians do wear masks. We provide masks, but most people have their own. I like the idea of personalized logos placed on a mask as an evangelism tool for the Lord. We exercise social distancing as recommended and required by our state governor and local officials.

I have no doubt this is leading to the one-world system and mark of the beast that the old-time preachers warned of.


Gary Keene, New Madrid, MO.

            Masks are available but not required at our church. I’m okay with masking to forestall another economic shutdown. I don’t preach with a mask, and our platform singers and musicians don’t wear masks. Having masks printed with church logos is all right, because of the world we live in right now.

We practice social distancing and don’t do a lot of handshaking, etc. We had two people, who had tested positive, visit our church, but no one was infected either time.

There are some ramifications from this virus pointing toward a one-world government. I’ve heard it said that countries, who were enemies, are now coming together, based upon finding a vaccine.


Greg Tucker, Springfield, IL.

Wearing a mask in buildings is mandated by our governor. I experienced Covid-19 in March and was found to have antibodies. I wear a mask out of respect for others if they have a mask on. Saints in the medical field could be fired for not wearing masks. I try to go by the Spirit of God. People can take their mask off while seated but put masks on while praying for someone.

I don’t preach with a mask. It affects my breathing. Around half of our singers wear masks to the platform and then take them off. We shut down for a while, because of an exposure to a contact and went to drive-in services on weekends and online through the week.

This could be the beginning of sorrows, but it’s not the end. And, I strongly believe the Lord has told me he is about to do something big.


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