Sat. Apr 17th, 2021

Paul & Catherine Barry
Children’s Evangelists and Artist/Designers
Bellflower, CA


Glorifying God through Two Ministries

Paul and Catherine Barry are passionate about helping churches flourish through their two-part ministry. Together they operate BarryPatch Creations, a custom design and metal fabrication company and Kidznet Ministries, a thriving evangelistic Children’s Ministry.
“After moving back home to California in 2015, God opened a door to utilize our skill sets and provide us a way to manage our work schedule to be available to minister for His glory. Catherine and I work together on design in our fabrication business. I do all the fabrication, while she manages our marketing and other business duties,” he said.
Bro. Barry feels that working with churches is their specialty. “We partner with churches to create a brand and visibility in their community with indoor and outdoor signage and logos. Also, we work on fresh design aesthetics for their lobbies and sanctuaries by providing unique pulpits, welcome centers, and other furniture designs. “Our business is very custom, so every order has its specific details. and all are one of a kind. We like to refer to our work as ‘functional art’. And now with so much being broadcast online and on social media, a custom baptistry logo or custom design pulpit brings a heightened level of recognition. You can look at any of these pieces and immediately recognize which church it is,” he said.
Most of the products are made with aircraft grade aluminum and various types of wood, incorporating other mediums such as steel, stacked glass, acrylic, stained glass, LED lighting and resin to bring each piece to life. “The largest piece that we have designed is an 8’x3’ outdoor sign for a non-profit Veteran’s group in Escondido, CA. Other large pieces include a 6’x4’ flame in the sanctuary of Calvary Tabernacle Church in Griffith, IN. Also, the beautiful 4.5’x4’ gold dove we fabricated for the baptistry at The Pentecostals of Atascocita just outside of Houston, TX, and the outdoor 6’ circle logo sign at Life Church San Diego, in San Diego, CA. We have built a pulpit, a portable modular welcome center when folded completely out measures 10 feet long, and other pieces of furniture and signs just to name a few of the items we have been blessed to work on,” he said. The Barry’s have been involved in children’s ministry for many years in different capacities. They feel that their Kidznet Children’s Ministry gives then the opportunity to teach kids from a young age about the most important relationship they will ever have. “Catherine writes and I design curriculum that is exciting, engaging and truly grounded in the Word. We believe that children’s ministry is ‘family ministry’. When we minister to kids, it impacts the entire family/friends circle of that child. A child’s spiritual experiences will do more witnessing to unsaved loved ones or discouraged people in their circle than any other evangelistic efforts can,” he said.
Bro. & Sis. Barry shared unique aspects of their children’s ministry. We love to incorporate Science in our lessons, to support the Bible and prove it to be true. We also do a lot of interacting with each other, like a stage play with dilemmas and scenarios to draw the kids in as an audience before bringing the lesson to the door of their hearts. We use games, songs, puppets, art, pretty much anything that fits the service. One thing we strive for is that every service has a point and a message, and hopefully by the end, all of it plays a part in drawing each child closer to God in an altar call. We have seen many children receive the Holy Ghost, or be refilled, healed, and restored. There is no obstacle that can keep God from reaching any child when they surrender to Him,” Sis Barry said.
To date, there are Eight, 8-week sessions to choose from. The Barry’s have also published a “how-to” book forchildren’s ministry workers and have conducted several ministry training seminars on the local church and district level. “For the past 3+ years we have evangelized for Kid’s revivals, Camps and VBS, seeing many kids receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. During this pandemic shut down, we’ve been blessed to find a new awesome avenue of ministry—ONLINE,” he said.
Bro and Sis Barry were both raised in the UPCI and consider it to have been an anchor of Truth in both their lives. They are currently working out of International Pentecostal Church in Bellflower, CA. Their pastor is Dr. Daniel Butler.


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