Sat. Apr 17th, 2021

Growing by Grace – A Study in Personal Holiness

The Journey from Justification to Sanctification


“Everything about it was peculiar to me,” said Pastor Daniel Dagan of Hope Apostolic United Pentecostal church in Port Charlotte, FL. “I didn’t even know where the books of the Bible were located.”

Bro. Dagan was describing his knowledge of the Bible when he came to the knowledge of the truth. Years ago, while playing college football on a scholarship in Louisiana, he was invited to an Apostolic church for the first time. Through a Bible study taught to him by a fellow new convert football player, Chris Houston, he received the Holy Ghost and was baptized in the name of Jesus. Not being raised in an Apostolic family, he began to have many questions regarding the differences between the Apostolic faith and the world or other churches. He began to ask “why this and why that” and had a desire to not only truly understand holiness, modesty and sanctification, but the principles behind them. His desire to know more led him to closely examine what he believed and preached and why. With the favor of Apostolic elders and many writings of the forefathers on these subjects, along a personal library of over 1,200 books, the research for his study, Growing by Grace – A Study in Personal Holiness, has been vast.

“This study has been a process of many years of my walk with God and ministry,” said Bro. Dagan. “My lovely wife, DaVida, a fourth generation Apostolic from Louisiana, has been a great voice of balance and reasoning for me with her strong God-given convictions and beliefs. I have cross-checked many Bible translations and reference books, and studied the original languages of the Bible, including customs and historical and cultural references. As a church planter and pastor, through the years, God gave me wisdom on how to present what I found and released me to share them in my study.”

Bro. Dagan is deeply concerned that some ministers, fifty years and younger, appear to have neither a deep love for or an understanding of these precious truths and principles to teach and preach them. He said, “My desire is that God would use a former heathen to inspire others to “earnestly contend for the faith…” Through this study, he presents a thorough, balanced and accurate approach to the subjects of holiness, modesty and sanctification, “…line upon line and precept upon precept.” Isaiah 28:10.

Growing by Grace is an in-depth study on many aspects relating to holiness, modesty and sanctification, such as: the foundation, the maturing process relating to people at different levels, clothing, jewelry and makeup, hair and other topics.

The study has had very good success and was recently ordered for the PPH booth at NAYC 2019. And, Bro. Dagan is seeing an increasing demand for it.

Growing by Grace ($20) is available through PPH. It is also available as an EBook through the PPH website, Amazon and Apple. Pastor Dagan may be contacted

Email: or cell 941.276.7178