Tue. May 11th, 2021


Pastor Reece

Mobile AL

            If the world’s people continue to be propagandized by the news media who terrify them to shut down society, the marketplace and the churches, the economy will collapse.

COVID-19 contains a major Antichrist Mark 666 component.  The U.S. Government is planning mandatory vaccinations. Those who refuse the vaccination will experience what Revelation 13:17 says that “no man might buy or sell,” except he that had “the mark” 666. Therefore, if no vaccine is issued, no buying or selling will be permitted in the marketplace.

To a small degree, I find that some people are under strong conviction to draw closer to the Lord Jesus Christ. However, to a large degree, most people are responding to the Gospel by acting like those in Noah’s day and Lot’s day: Business as usual.  Sin and ungodliness as usual.


Pastor Jeff Moses

Lafollette TN


If this were only a local or state or even national issue…then I would not be alarmed… but when it’s a Global issue…then it should really get our attention… The New Testament epistles were written to individual or regional churches… but the Book of the Revelation was Jesus’ LAST word to His Global Church…

I agree with 95-98% of all Christian religions…that the Church is raptured in Revelation chapter 4 (before the tribulation begins) and The Church is not mentioned again until we return back to this earth with the Lord to setup His kingdom.

God shut down everything to get the attention of the Church!  In a few short weeks, we went from the greatest job market in American history with the strongest economy in American history to all of a sudden someone unplugged everything from bars to churches, destroying 40 million American jobs.

The stage for the anti-Christ is now set. Israel has released plans for a third temple… and will be ready to offer a red heifer in November.

The mark of the beast is a very real possibility in the very near future since the COVID-19 vaccine will have an optional implantable micro-chip in it for contact tracing and yet the rapture of The Church happens before this Mark is given, so it must be very close…There has never been a  global wake-up call like this one—ever!

Pastors and preachers all over the country from other denominations who are watching our online services are now seeing the need to be baptized in Jesus name and are receiving the Holy Ghost.


John Wolfram

Powder Springs GA

There are no lack of voices immediately following every catastrophic event pointing it to the end time. I was taught to live like the Lord was coming today and plan like He was coming 50 years from now.

Unfortunately, the coronavirus or similar mutants may be around for a long time. The UN, and global health agencies claim 700,00 people die each year due to drug-resistant diseases.

This is a great time for churches to re-evaluate their activities and ministries. More people who have mostly “gone” to church are suddenly realizing they “are” the Church. Perhaps it’s time to let some things go that are more traditional, but not effective. A hard reset may be uncomfortable, but necessary.


David Huston

Carlisle PA


We have had a record number of first-time guests recently, not so much because of COVID-19, but because we are holding in-person services and a lot of churches in our area are still not open. We definitely see Jesus using this situation to build His church!

So much of what we see in the world tells me that we are living in the Last Days and the coming of the Lord is near. Exactly how near is difficult to say. The Bible states that Jesus will come “immediately after the tribulation of those days,” I believe there are still some signs that must appear, such as the rise of a worldwide empire led by the Antichrist.


Rudy Trejo

Anaheim CA


While this disease can lead to the death of thousands, it also can insert instability into our nation. Through all of this, I believe the Lord is trying to awaken this world.

Many are being alarmed. Yet at the same time, many are not being affected, and are blinded to what truly is happening spiritually.

Many tribulation signs are happening now. Any end-time sign is one step closer to the Lord coming back for His church therefore, resulting in the appearance of the Antichrist. The Church is to be removed prior to, from this world.

Any church service could be our last, but the Evangelism of any church should remain moving forward into reaching the souls of men.


Wylie Rhinehart

Dayton OH


We are living in the last days, of the last days. One just has to look around and see, as it was in the days of Noah and Lot, so shall it be also be in the coming of the son of man. 2,700 years ago Isaiah prophesied that “…judgment is turned away backward, and justice standeth afar off: for truth is fallen in the street, and equity cannot enter.”

Anything is possible in the current political climate. The deficit is at heretofore unknown levels. Something has to give. The ninth chapter of Revelation speaks of a war that will see a third of the earth’s population die. If anything would give rise to the Antichrist, this event could. This event could give rise to each person receiving the mark of the beast as well. We have yet to see how COVID-19 will play out. God is still in control.

I adhere to the “When-you-die-trib.” So many of our great elders and bishops of our own generation have gone on to their reward. What did they believe? Pre-trib? Post-trib? For those who have passed on, it didn’t matter. When we die and meet the Lord, that is the most important event of our lives, surpassing even what we believe regarding the timing of the rapture of the church.

Since many churches have had to cancel and have their services online, I believe there is a delay of the great revival which I believe is coming to all of our churches. I sincerely believe that COVID-19 will be the impetus for yet another great time of revival. Trouble leads many people to God, and that is a great thing.