Sat. May 8th, 2021

By Vickie Hodges


The definition of self-sufficiency is: needing no outside help in satisfying one’s

basic needs; emotionally and intellectually independent.  Let’s examine more closely to determine if self-sufficiency is all that it is hyped up to be and if it is really worth it.

We all are self-sufficient to a certain degree.  But what happens when we allow ourselves to become self-sufficient in everything we do and in who we are?  Self-sufficiency relies on ‘self.’  After the fall of Adam, limitations were placed on all humanity.

This means we are limited within our own humanistic abilities.  These limitations leave our spirit, soul, and body constantly longing for more.  We become trapped within the confines of our own limited, humanistic self-sufficiency.  We become so blinded by our own ‘self’ that we do not realize that the root cause of self-sufficiency stems from the sin

of ‘the pride of life.’  OUCH!

Psalm 23:1 reads ‘The Lord is my Shepard, I shall not want.’  So, it is the Lord of

 Lords, the Creator of the Universe, the King of Kings, the one and only true living God, who is our very own personal Shepard.  He is the Lord who has no limits, no constraints, no restrictions on supplying our every need.  The word ‘is’ means present tense.  The scripture does not read that the Lord ‘was’ (past), or ‘is going to be’ (future).  It reads that He ‘is’.  He is right now, in the present, right where we are at, in this very moment.  The Lord is here right now in our life’s joys as well as our disappointments.  And when we chose to allow the Lord to be our Shepard, then we lack for nothing.  We shall not want for anything!

Self-sufficiency carries a high price tag.  Are we going to continue to live a life trapped within the confines of our own limited, humanistic, self-centered ways? Or are we going to be totally dependent upon the Lord as our Shepard and want for nothing?  Self-sufficiency: it is most definitely NOT worth it!

Vickie Hodges is a UPCI license minister and is the author of LIFE (Living In Freedom EVERYDAY) Recovery for Damaged Emotions and Unhealed Memories.  Vickie is a trainer, teacher, and speaker at seminars, retreats, conferences and college campuses.

Ministry references: Mark Hughes and Dr. James Hughes of Greater LIFE Church in Webster, Texas.  281-489-0055.