Sat. May 8th, 2021


By: Jason Gallion


The Need of the Hour

In reflecting on what I have seen in 2020 among young people from across the nation, a clear theme emerges; a battle with fear and anxiety like I’ve never seen before. We can blame the pandemic, the isolation, even the fear of future shutdowns. But whatever the cause, I believe that in whatever we face, faith in operation is the key element we need to survive and thrive.

The phone call from Pastor Mooney inviting me to Indiana Bible College was both unexpected and life-changing. I loved pastoring. It is what I ultimately felt called to do. I wasn’t sure that I wanted to leave Alaska and the church where things were finally going well after years of struggling in many areas.

It was a long road to where we had come. Taking the church and moving my family to Eagle River, Alaska, was one of the greatest trials of our lives. Had we known what we were getting into, we may not have done it. We had a paid-for building and an existing congregation. What we did not know was the amount of emotional pain that existed, or the onslaught of spiritual opposition my family and I would face.

There were days I simply could not have made it without a word from God. At times I walked into the sanctuary of the church alone. No man or woman was there to give me a word, but God began to lead me to the Scripture that I needed at that time. It sustained us. If God gives a word, it doesn’t matter what the circumstances are around you. The Word of God introduces the element of faith, and you cannot live for God without the principle of faith in operation. We must operate in the dynamic of faith, and faith always comes by the Word.

Although I wasn’t interested in leaving Eagle River, but I began to pray. Soon after, a member of our church asked me if I was leaving. He said God was speaking with him the night before and felt that we were leaving. He then said something that arrested me, he said he wasn’t sure he could live for God if we left. God impressed on me in that moment that I needed to decrease, so that He could increase. Some there at that time had a stronger relationship with our family than with our Savior.

Soon after, I traveled to a youth event and engaged in conversation with a friend. We were having a casual conversation when he abruptly stopped and said, “God just spoke to me


to tell you that you must decrease so that He can increase, because God is preparing you for transition.” I dismissed myself to go back to my room and pray. I knew that God was dealing with me, but that clear word from my friend confirmed what I was already feeling. I knew it was God. It helped us make the difficult decision. What has kept us through the difficult times and lead us into new seasons has always been guided by the clear word and will of God.

What we need as we approach 2021 is not to return to a simpler world. The fact is, 2019 is never coming back. What we need is not easier circumstances or smaller challenges. The great need of the hour is a word from God. We need a word that builds faith and assures us that we are in His hands. If you have a word from God, you can withstand any outward circumstance and overcome every internal obstacle.