Tue. Apr 20th, 2021

Ashes to Glory

Apostolic Book Outlines How to “Pray the Tabernacle Plan”

By Gregg Stone

As we walk with our Savior, He will lead us to a place He is calling us to occupy, a place of power, intimacy, anointing and joy. However, most importantly, it is a place of transformation. Written by Carole Keller, the book From Ashes to Glory outlines a path to re-connect with God through principles of prayer and the Word modeled after the Tabernacle Plan. God said to make Him a sanctuary where He can dwell, and today that sanctuary is our heart.

The Tabernacle Plan is more than a prayer regimen. “Scripted methods of prayer often become impersonal and rigid,” said Sis. Keller. “The Tabernacle Plan is a perspective for encountering God in increasingly intimate levels of prayer and relationship. The heart of the Tabernacle Plan of prayer is the altar. Everything else—from the cleansing by the Word (Laver), to the ministry of the Holy Spirit (Golden Candlestick), and the Word (Shewbread) to intercession (Altar of Incense) and breaking through to revival (Holy of Holies), along with miraculous answers to prayer, flows from a deeper revelation of repentance. The progression in prayer and the intimacy from prayer is attributed to the efficacy of the blood of Jesus. When God sees the blood in repentance, all the other elements in the Tabernacle Plan fall into place to become one dynamic episode of prayer.”

What distinguishes the Tabernacle Plan of prayer from other forms of prayer is its connection to the cross, because it is at the cross where divinity meets with humanity. “This is where we find God’s heart,” said Sis. Keller. “God never wants us to forget the cross and the precious blood that was shed there. The Tabernacle Plan becomes an experience where God personalizes (through revelation) His plan to redeem us from the power of sin so that we rise from the ashes of defeat to the glory of victory. There are stunning testimonies in the book of visions people received when they surrendered the reins of their heart at the altar. The light of the Golden Candlestick took away the blindness from their eyes so they could see what was in the darkness! Thus, Christ becomes more intimate and our walk with Him more rewarding because we want to involve Him in every detail of our life.”

For the past 32 years, Sis. Keller has attended Parkway Apostolic Church in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, involving herself principally in teaching Biblical principles and authoring several books on restoration and personal deliverance. One of her books, The Transforming Power of Engrafting God’s Word, is part of the curriculum at the Nigerian Bible School (Ministerial Training Center). Bro. Gerald McLean said, “It is a favorite part of the Christian Living course we teach. Another book, Free at Last (principles of personal deliverance), has traveled to other parts of the country and has been used successfully in small groups, correctional institutions, and churches.”

More recently, Sis. Keller had the opportunity to coordinate a Free at Last seminar in conjunction with her pastor for the Second District of the Wisconsin UPCI. “And I welcome further opportunities to share these principles of restoration and revival,” she said.

From Ashes to Glory is available through Sis. Keller’s website, www.freeatlastministries.us. “Early on in my walk, the Lord planted seeds for restoration, which was nurtured by a desire for truth and change in my own life,” Sis. Keller explains, “and it is my desire to continue to share these principles with as many people as I can, to help them grow in their walk with God.”

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