“Cover your face” – Vito Digiovanni

"Cover your face"   Cover your face, cover your emotions. Could it be that we are losing compassion for one another in our society? You pass someone in a parking lot or in a store and struggle to show a courteous smile behind a mask. I want to make a personal connection

Honoring Paul Mooney – By Steve Waldron

                               Honoring Paul Mooney The first time I ever met Pastor and Sister Mooney was at Georgia Campmeeting in 2004.  He pulled up beside Sandi and I, rolled down the window, and asked if we wanted to go eat catfish, which we did.  That is classic Paul Mooney.  Eating and fellowshipping

Robert Rodenbush – Fraud Alert

Recently, someone impersonated our pastor and sent scam e-mails, mostly to our staff members. The initial e-mail seemed harmless: “Are you available to help me?” A few people responded and the scammers used our pastor’s name and sent a request: “I am out of town and need a favor. My

Robert L. Rodenbush – Let Me See the Stars

Growing up in Africa was a wonderful, indescribable experience … surrounded by the beauty and diversity of God’s creation. One thing forever etched into my memory about Africa was the night sky. I hadn’t really considered Africa’s night sky in some time, but going back there with my parents and

Robert L. Rodenbush – The Denial of Evil

In reference to the most recent mass shooting attack in New Zealand, a psychotherapist was analyzing the tone of media pundits who were insisting that the perpetrators must be mentally ill or insane to have committed such an act. The psychotherapist vehemently disagreed and responded with the following critique. “There’s no