BarryPatch Creations: A Two-Part Ministry

Paul & Catherine Barry Children's Evangelists and Artist/Designers Bellflower, CA   Glorifying God through Two Ministries Paul and Catherine Barry are passionate about helping churches flourish through their two-part ministry. Together they operate BarryPatch Creations, a custom design and metal fabrication company and Kidznet Ministries, a thriving evangelistic Children’s Ministry. “After moving back home to California

Growing By Grace: A Study in Personal Holiness

Growing by Grace - A Study in Personal Holiness The Journey from Justification to Sanctification   “Everything about it was peculiar to me,” said Pastor Daniel Dagan of Hope Apostolic United Pentecostal church in Port Charlotte, FL. “I didn’t even know where the books of the Bible were located.” Bro. Dagan was describing his

Associated Ministers Ministry: Short-Term Missions

Associated Ministers Ministry Linda Schreckenberg               “Warning!” said Bro. James Poitras. “Be prepared to leave part of your heart on the field and never be quite the same again!” Bro. Poitras, Director of Education and Short-Term Missions in Global Missions, was referring to those who become part of the Associated Ministers Ministry program.

UPCI New Convert Care Program: ELEMENTS

ELEMENTS By: Charlotte L Pound You must ground new believers in Apostolic Truth—David K Bernard “After investing in outreach and working diligently to instill a culture of friendliness and connection, sadly churches still lose many new converts in time. Retention requires systematic teaching that grounds new people in the Word of God. All

Prisoner for Christ

By Gregg Stone In a dank, dark prison, Joseph laid so far from home. Betrayed, forsaken and forgotten, yet God was with him! “Your circumstances do not define who you are,” said Bro. Michael Jackson, inmate at Federal Correctional Institute McDowell in Welch, West Virginia. “The determining factor is not where

Be A Friend

By Rachel E. Smith                   “We don’t want to see anyone have to make a choice that would terminate the life of an unborn child. We want to say ‘we are here’. New Beginnings is here,” says Bro. Tom Velie, of Tupelo, Mississippi. “The UPC provides a great option that is full

“Somebody Say YES”

By Tim Pedigo, Assistant Pastor, Calvary Tabernacle, Without a doubt, the kingdom of God is richer and fuller today because of the ministry of Rev. Paul D. and Micki Mooney. Throughout their lifetime, they have served with excellence in their local churches, as well as holding positions on district and

A Lasting Vision of Education

Rev. Charles Barcus,  The election of Rev. Paul D. Mooney to the position of Pastor of Calvary Tabernacle came with the responsibility of being President of Calvary Christian School as well.  He joined the ranks of three other pastors who had led the work of CCS, each leaving their mark

The Creation of Care Group Connection

Keeping the church connected, unified, and growing during this time of quarantine-mandated dispersing has no doubt provided a challenge for several Derrick Seagraves Eagle River, AK Church of Eagle River The Sanctuary Alaska, is rising to the occasion and implementing new strategies to connect with its members, prospects, and converts. What are these new