Stephen Judd – Spotlight Kid: Torri

Sixteen-year-old Torri is an outgoing, optimistic, fun-loving young lady with a sweet spirit and a heart for the Lord. Torri’s friends describe her as giggly, supportive and loyal. Torri enjoys reading, drawing, listening to music and chatting with her friends. She also loves learning about photography and playing volleyball. She excels in

Mansion Sunday – November 6th

Mansion Sunday, November 6, is a special day, set aside in conjunction with “National Orphan Sunday,” that specifically focuses on Tupelo Children’s Mansion. While a few of the children at TCM are orphans, in the truest sense, many of them could be referred to as “social orphans,” in that one or

Wrapped in His Arms

By Stephen Judd TCM President   When you support Tupelo Children’s Mansion, you are helping to rescue children like Miriam and Anthony, who were born to a teenage mother who loved the party scene more than she loved her children.   They spent the first few years of their lives in the drug and alcohol-ridden

Not God’s Plan!

Tupelo Children’s Mansion is not God’s plan for children. Sounds shocking, but it is true. God never intended for parents to abuse and abandon their children. He intended that children would be loved, cherished, nurtured and raised to follow Him. But we humans—we don’t always follow God’s plan. So He calls

Saving Ashley

Ashley spent the first few years of her life living in the home of a single mother who had a serious problem with drug addiction. After reports of severe neglect and physical abuse, Ashley was removed by the state from her mother’s care and placed with grandparents until last year. For years,

“I’m Not Staying”

It was chilly the day Jeremy arrived. The boy (whom I will call Jeremy) was wedged in the backseat of his aunt’s car surrounded by all his belongings. He looked so little and scared. When the door of the car was opened, Jeremy refused to look at anyone or move. He


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The word goodness is listed in Galatians 5:22 as a fruit of the Spirit and was used in the New Testament to portray a person who is generous, big-hearted and liberal. We would call this person a giver. According to Acts 10:38, this “goodness” operated mightily in Jesus, as He was anointed

Meet the TCM Board of Directors

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Someone saw a post on Facebook of the photo taken of the Tupelo Children’s Mansion Board of Directors, during it’s annual meeting in Tupelo, and commented, “Wow, that’s a lot of board members!” Yes it is a large board, and it shows the broad support for the Mansion from all