Bobby Killmon – Worshiping the Bible

I heard someone at seminary say that we worship the Bible. What do they mean? I was introduced to this in Systematic Theology class during graduate studies in seminary, too. Our required reading was Paul Tillich’s three-volume Systematic Theology. I was shocked when the claim of idolatry was applied to my

Bobby Killmon – Are Tongues Essential To Salvation

Must one speak with tongues to be saved? Jesus in John 3 gives an analogy of the new birth through an example of being “born again” stating clearly and without exception that except a person is born again, according to Jesus, “…he cannot enter into the Kingdom of God” (3:5) or

Bobby Killmon – Matthew 1:21

Why does it say in Matt. 1:21 that a son will be born and his name will be Jesus “for he shall save his people from their sins”?  Many Jews who survived the Nazi rule and occupation in Europe between 1939-1945 owed survival to non-Jews. The penalty for helping was often