UPCI New Convert Care Program: ELEMENTS

ELEMENTS By: Charlotte L Pound You must ground new believers in Apostolic Truth—David K Bernard “After investing in outreach and working diligently to instill a culture of friendliness and connection, sadly churches still lose many new converts in time. Retention requires systematic teaching that grounds new people in the Word of God. All

World News: October 2020

          Popular Disney Channel cartoon features the network's first bisexual lead character   The creator of the new Disney Channel cartoon “The Owl House” has opened up about how the lead character of the show is bisexual — a reflection of her own sexual orientation. Luz Noceda is believed to be the network’s first

News You Can Use – 11 Books on Prayer

11 Books on Prayer Every Christian Should Read at Least Once By Andrew Hess These 11 books on prayer will challenge your view of prayer, the church, and God. More than anything, they will bolster your fervent prayer life in ways you cannot even imagine.   The Hidden Life of Prayer by David

News You Can Use – Ten Keys to an Effective Church

There is modest correlation between demographic trends, church growth, and mission. Some churches grow in the midst of a declining population. Some churches decline in the midst of a growing, unchurched, population. Some churches engaged in substantial mission tend to grow; some do not. Below are 10 keys to an