Masking: How is The Church Dealing With It?

By Linda Schreckenberg Bro. Leo Dante, Jersey City, NJ.   New Jersey requires us to wear masks, especially inside buildings and establishments. We have to follow the government officials who rule over us, since it is for the safety of everyone. Our cases have gone down, and we see businesses opening and getting back

The Importance of Fasting: Does the Daniel Fast Count?

The Daniel Fast:  Why, How, and is it Real Fasting? John L. Fonzer                     Clifton Jones Philadelphia MS   We participate in a 30-day fast once a year called disciplined eating. The principle came from the Daniel fast. Fasting helps our spirit by slowing down the body and mind while the soul thinks of spiritual things.

Healing Racial Suffering

Healing Racial Suffering     1.  Share your views on the current racial crisis that is sweeping our nation today. 2.  Comment on the death of George Floyd at the hands of a police officer. 3.  Comment on the peaceful protests that are going on in an attempt to bring about change. 4.  Comment on the

Covid-19 Crisis: Apostolic Pastors Respond

Interviews by J. L. Fonzer 1. What has been your message to your church about this crisis? 2. Have you had anyone within your greater church family that has contracted the virus? 3. What precautions is your church taking to lower risk? 4. Do you feel the national response has been excessive or not

Ben White, Silsbee TX - I was voted in as pastor nine years ago.  I didn’t know I was being voted on, my dad’s health was failing him quickly and he was trying to get a plan in place.” Originally, I didn’t want to be a preacher much less a

Mark A. Moore, Atlanta, GA - Excessive stress is evidenced by personal distress (health issues) from internalizing issues or by acting out in toxic ways. The most overlooked “self- care” strategy is a consistent prayer life. Additionally, learning to find pleasure in simple moments - family time, books, exercise. In

Chad Parker, Houston, TX             Divorce Recovery Ministry is needed in UPCI churches. Our culture no longer values traditional marriage in a world of broken people. The church must help those hurt and disillusioned from divorce and struggling with the trauma that comes with it. The biggest misconception of divorce is,

Alana Pineada, Newaygo, MI - I attend Oakland University, and I am studying Communications. I’m the only Apostolic in my home, so leaving didn’t really make a difference in terms of my spirituality. Being different in my family, I’ve never had an “opportunity” to do such a thing (have my