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Smiles – November 2019

Word To The Wise: “The important thing to remember is not to forget.” ------- The little “Service Engine” warning signal in the dashboard comes on and reads “Me Again.” ------ Q: What’s the most common

World News – November 2019

The Billy Graham Rule Goes to Court A former North Carolina sheriff’s deputy may be the first to file a lawsuit alleging he faced discrimination for his commitment to the “Billy

Staff Columnists

Paul Mooney – Micki Mooney, Her Testimony

Thinking about my sweet wife as she is recovering from a difficult surgery and want to share her incredible testimony with you. Please keep her in your continued prayers. We

Guest Columnists

Delano Sherley – Tax Scams

Tax scams run year-round. You may receive a telephone call claiming to be someone from the IRS. The call usually includes a threat that the police are on their way

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