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Prisoner for Christ

By Gregg Stone In a dank, dark prison, Joseph laid so far from home. Betrayed, forsaken and forgotten, yet God was with him! “Your circumstances do not define who you are,”

Be A Friend

By Rachel E. Smith                   “We don’t want to see anyone have to make a choice that would terminate the life of an unborn child. We want to say ‘we are here’.

Staff Columnists

A Husbands Tribute – Paul D. Mooney

"A Husbands Tribute"   Micki’s call to glory was acknowledged with sweet peace as her children and I wept and sang songs of faith. We also felt the gentle presence of the Holy

Guest Columnists

Do You Have an Intimate Relationship with God? – Carol Clemans

"Do You Have an Intimate Relationship with God?" by Carol Clemans   In my 28 years of counseling (now nationwide), I find myself explaining an intimate relationship with God to the young and

Autoimmune Deficiency: Syndrome of the Mind? – Vickie Hodges

"Autoimmune Deficiency: Syndrome of the Mind?" Last month we read about innate, adaptive, and passive immunities and how they promote physical health. This article will take us on a short journey