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Associated Ministers Ministry: Short-Term Missions

Associated Ministers Ministry Linda Schreckenberg               “Warning!” said Bro. James Poitras. “Be prepared to leave part of your heart on the field and never be quite the same again!” Bro. Poitras, Director of

UPCI New Convert Care Program: ELEMENTS

ELEMENTS By: Charlotte L Pound You must ground new believers in Apostolic Truth—David K Bernard “After investing in outreach and working diligently to instill a culture of friendliness and connection, sadly churches still

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Don’t Play With Fire

Don't Play With Fire Joshua B. Carson   Although I was only a young child, I can still remember how amazing that new carpet in my parent's room felt underneath my feet. The

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Porn Addiction Destroying Brain, Body, Soul in the pew and behind the pulpit!

Satan has come to kill, steal salvation, and destroy individuals, marriages, families, fathers, husbands, sons, daughters, ministry leadership, and pastors through porn addiction. I have been counseling this issue for

Battle Cry of the Heart

It is quite easy to keep our minds busy and running rampant with meaningless nothings, while on the other hand, it is most difficult to satisfy the deep emptiness and void within