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“Somebody Say YES”

By Tim Pedigo, Assistant Pastor, Calvary Tabernacle, Without a doubt, the kingdom of God is richer and fuller today because of the ministry of Rev. Paul D. and Micki Mooney.

A Lasting Vision of Education

Rev. Charles Barcus,  The election of Rev. Paul D. Mooney to the position of Pastor of Calvary Tabernacle came with the responsibility of being President of Calvary Christian School as

Staff Columnists

Paul D Mooney – “Change The World”

Time Magazine’s issue dated May 18, 2020 features the article ‘NOW IS THE MOMENT TO CHANGE THE WORLD by Rutger Bregman. The author is likely right to say “Right now,

Guest Columnists

Carol Clemans – God’s Design for Marriage 

God’s Design for Marriage      Carol Clemans In the beginning, God created marriage to be an earthly example of Jesus Christ as the Bridegroom and the Spirit-filled Church as the Bride. God

Delano Sherley – Tax Law Changes

Tax Law Changes Here are changes to the tax code that were part of the CARES Act: If you were impacted by Covid-19 you can make an early withdrawal from a retirement account