Porn Addiction Destroying Brain, Body, Soul in the pew and behind the pulpit!

Satan has come to kill, steal salvation, and destroy individuals, marriages, families, fathers, husbands, sons, daughters, ministry leadership, and pastors through porn addiction. I have been counseling this issue for 28 years. We've learned much more about the physical brain damage (creates evil chains around their choices) that takes the

Battle Cry of the Heart

It is quite easy to keep our minds busy and running rampant with meaningless nothings, while on the other hand, it is most difficult to satisfy the deep emptiness and void within our hearts.  There seems to be a major disconnect or a gap between the heart and mind.  Is there a

Initiate or Stagnate?

Initiate or stagnate! I write this to every individual in a relationship today. Most of humanity is part of several associations. A relationship could be with a spouse, parent, sibling, child, or other family members. It could be with a friend, a work associate, or someone at church. In short,


Each year, the amount of money stolen from churches exceeds what churches give to missions.  Let than sink in. 30% of churches are the victim of fraud/embezzlement each year.  Most are never detected and when it is 80% does not get reported to law enforcement.  The loss was $39 billion in

Autoimmune Deficiency: Syndrome of the Mind? – Vickie Hodges

"Autoimmune Deficiency: Syndrome of the Mind?" Last month we read about innate, adaptive, and passive immunities and how they promote physical health. This article will take us on a short journey to discover ‘autoimmune deficiency syndrome’ and link it to ‘autoimmune deficiency syndrome of the mind.’ Autoimmune deficiency syndrome is a condition

Form 1099-NEC or Form 1099-MISC

Historically, when you have paid $600 or more during a year to a nonemployee, you were required to file Form 1099-MISC (using box 7) by January 31 of the following year.  This would include anyone who performed a service (non-employee compensation) for the church (independent contractors, guest speakers, etc.). Beginning in

Delano Sherley – Tax Law Changes

Tax Law Changes Here are changes to the tax code that were part of the CARES Act: If you were impacted by Covid-19 you can make an early withdrawal from a retirement account up to $100,000 without paying the 10% penalty. You do, however, have to pay the income tax (now over a