Paul Mooney – Micki Mooney, Her Testimony

Thinking about my sweet wife as she is recovering from a difficult surgery and want to share her incredible testimony with you. Please keep her in your continued prayers. We feel your kindness and encouragement and are most thankful. ----------------------------------------------------- It is said of many great men that they wouldn’t be who

Paul Mooney – Safe Harbor

I’ve heard many say that “we are eyewitnesses to a moral revolution.” And there is little disagreement to the fact that the moral standards in our culture, especially pertaining to sexual identity, lifestyle, manners, modesty, honesty and integrity, are being seriously challenged. The Christian foundation of America’s government and her

Paul D. Mooney – The Burning of Notre Dame

Paris' 856-year-old Notre Dame Cathedral is burning as I write this article on April 15, 2019.  Micki and I have spent many hours visiting there while in Paris over the years. Altogether, I would guess my accumulated time in this amazing architectural wonder would be well over a full day.

Paul D. Mooney – O Blessed Vision!

I trust the reader will pause with me awhile and reflect upon the words of one of England’s great poets, William Wordsworth, from his poem, “To H.C. Six Years Old.”  Wordsworth had written these lines to express his struggle in shielding his children, especially his son John, from uncertain times