Tue. Apr 20th, 2021


Contribute To Perspectives

The IBC Perspectives magazine is, first and foremost, a news magazine for the Apostolic movement. Ninety-five percent of our content comes from interviews of various Apostolic leaders / news makers and then the article is written by one of our staff writers.

However, we also encourage articles to be submitted by our readers. Submitted articles, for the most part, will need to fit the established format of the magazine. Articles that would be of greatest interest to us are:

  1. Feature – an article about a growing, revival church and pastor.
  2. Opinions – suggest a topic and give your opinion as one of the primary contributors.
  3. Plainly Speaking – an article (in question / answer format) that covers a topic of known interest to the Apostolic movement. The author should be able to speak passionately or have considerable knowledge about the topic.
  4. Apostolic News – an article about a unique product, unusual ministry, or interesting event that our readers will find interesting as well.
  5. Book Review – an honest, clear review of a book (that you did not write) that you feel would be of interest to other Apostolic leaders worldwide.
  6. Guest Pulpit – an Apostolic sermon in written form that is either your own or gives credit to whomever preached it.
  7. Smiles – we always are looking for good, clean, church related humor or short humorious stories.

To submit an article, simply email it to: sysop@apostolic.edu. Or you can send it by regular mail to: IBC Perspectives, P.O. Box 47917, Indianapolis, IN 46247. Or fax: (317) 781-7700. We reserve the right to edit the article as needed to fit the publication. However, we will always try to approve any and all changes with the author before we go to press.

Thank you so much for your interest in the IBC Perspectives. God bless!

T. W. Massengale, Editor-In-Chief