Fri. May 7th, 2021


Feature: “Three Goals for Dynamic Revival”

“I have had three goals as a pastor and that is to have a praying church, a giving church and a church that loves preaching/teaching. I feel that growth is a by-product of those three things. The church grows in three areas: spiritually, numerically and financially. Usually that growth is in those stages and in that order. But the church does not grow in those three areas at once.”  ….More


Opinions:  Common Pitfalls Young Ministers Should Avoid – Read the opinions from select pastors, preachers, and teachers on the topic of what young ministers should be aware of.  You will not want to miss these pearls of wisdom!    …More


Plainly Speaking: Church Rx

“We need to realize that a missionary to a North American community is often carrying a greater challenge financially than those to other continents. On occasion, we have missionaries to North America, like Indiana Bible College graduate Mark Brown (planting a church in Watertown, South Dakota) or Jesse Fortaleza (Edmonton, Alberta – now District Superintendent), make difficult decisions about whether to ‘eat or pay the church bills.’”.  Click to Read More….


Guest Pulpit: The Holiness of God

“Sadly, the spiritual condition of Israel in I Samuel seems to be a lot like where we find ourselves in the 21st century. Spiritual leaders don’t seem to be leading spiritually, fewer and fewer people seem to truly know the Lord, and biblical truths are being sacrificed on the altar of selfish desires. Gatherings of people may be larger, yet there seems to be less of the pure Word of God being preached. The Word of the Lord is precious!”

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