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ISSUE #                                                        TITLE OF ISSUE                                                     FEATURED PASTOR

volume 26 number 9, Indiana Bible College Live on Monument Circle, Pastor Donald Lance, Jackson, TN

volume 26number 8, Creating An Apostolic Culture, Pastor Aaron Soto, Appleton, WI

Volume 26 Number 7, The Refuge, Pastor David Brown, Rock Island, IL

Volume 26 Number 6, Set For Harvest, Pastor K L Borders, Norman, OK

Volume 26 Number 5, 3 Goals for Dynamic Revival, Pastor Mark Fogarty, Warner Robbins, GA

Volume 26 Number 4, The Holiness of God, Pastor Ricky Bowen, Aberdeen, MS

Volume 26 Number 3, He is Risen, Pastor Marshall Newble, Milwaukee, WI

Volume 26 Number 2, Keep Calm and Eat On, Pastor Mark Copeland, Sebastopol, MS

Volume 26 Number 1, Five Restorations From God, Pastor Rick Pavlu, Church Point, LA


Volume 25 Number 12, Goodness and Mercy In The House of the Lord, Pastor Charles Shearer, Saraland, AL

Volume 25 Number 11, Apostolics In Politics, Pastor J B Sims, Foley, AL

Volume 25 Number 10, Indiana Bible College 25 yrs, The IBC Experience, Indianapolis, IN

Volume 25 Number 9, Revival in the Aloha State, Pastor Richard McGriffin, Honolulu, HI

Volume 25 Number 8, Casting Down Imaginations, Pastor Jesse Starr of Minot, ND

Volume 25 Number 7, A Servants Heart, Michael A Patterson, Conyers, GA

Volume 25 Number 6, Finding the Truth in the Maze of Tradition, Pastor Marty Johnson, Camden, TN

Volume 25 Number 5, An Undeniable Experience, Pastor David Myers, Palm Bay, FL

Volume 25 Number 4, Making Prayer a Priority, Pastor Arthur C Naylor, Lambertville, NJ

Volume 25 Number 3, The Core of Revival, Pastor Tom Trimble, St Charles, MO

Volume 25 Number 2, The Paradox of Authority, Pastor Daniel Flemming, Ames, IA

Volume 25 Number 1, That All May Come, Pastor Rick L Stoops, Augusta, ME


Volume 24 Number 12, Unity in the Church, Pastor Bruce Johnson, Athens, AL

Volume 24 Number 11, Connecting Point for Revival, Pastor Dewayne Cornelius, Smithville, TN

Volume 24 Number 10, A Vision of Loving, Serving, Growing, Pastor Scott Marshall, Russellville, KY

Volume 24 Number 9, The Intent of the Heart, Pastor Kenneth Mendenhall, South Bend, IN

Volume 24 Number 8, Pros and Cons of One Sunday Service, Pastor Raymond Woodson, Vancouver, WA

Volume 24 Number 7, Why True Science Supports Scripture, Pastor Douglas Wright, Holland, MI

Volume 24 Number 6, When Faith Speaks, Pastor Gordon Parrish III, Fairbanks, AK

Volume 24 Number 5, The Vision, A Fresh Look, Pastor Michael Hook, Waukesha, WI

Volume 25 number 4, The Maryville Miracle, Pastor Kenneth Carpenter, Maryville, TN

Volume 24 Number 3, Where Have All The Men Gone, Pastor Jim DeRamus, West Hazelton, PA

Volume 24 Number 2, Revival In Our Time, Pastor Jason Beardsley, Cary, IL

Volume 24 Number 1, Divinely Exclusive, Pastor J Stanley Davidson, Gadsden, AL


Volume 23 Number 12, UPC Partners With Historic Work in India, Pastor Daniel Evans, Visakhapatnam, India

Volume 23 Number 11, A Story of Sacrifice, Pastor Roger Yadon, Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada

Volume 23 Number 10, Arise and Build, Pastor Frederick W Olson, Jacksonville, FL

Volume 23 Number 9, Get Connected, Stay Connected, Live Connected, Pastor Jeremy Cox, Mankato, MN

Volume 23 Number 8, Indiana Bible College, Say Yes, Why I Believe in Bible College, Indianapolis, IN

Volume 23 Number 7, The Power of Noise, Pastor Edwin S Harper, Huntington, WV

Volume 23 Number 6, In Every Pew Sits a Soul Winner, Pastors Benjamin & Douglas White, Silsbee, TX

Volume 23 Number 5, Keep A Soul Consciousness, Pastor Robert Martin, Baton Rouge, LA

Volume 23 Number 4, Faith, Hope, & Revival, Pastor Jimmy Toney, Lexington, KY

Volume 23 Number 3, Achieving Balance in Ministry, Pastor David Ferrell, Perth-Andover, New Brunswick, Canada

Volume 23 Number 2, Leadership Training & Development, Pastor Terry Baughman, Gilbert, AZ

Volume 23 Number 1, Ye Are the Light of the World, Pastor Brent Watts, Matthews, NC


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