Bobby Killmon – “Royal Language” and Oneness

  Why do oneness people think Gen. 1:26 is about “royal language” or “God speaking to angels”? This is inaccurate and faulty thinking because angels were not involved in creating humankind. Further, we don’t read anywhere where a king uses plural language at all. Isn’t this just weak theological analysis?  The problem

Bobby Killmon – Redaction Criticism and Apostolics

What is “redaction criticism” and why should we know about it as Apostolics?   Redaction criticism is a liberal method that attempts to “investigate” Scriptures to make judgments about their authorship, historical trustworthiness, and date of writing. This method is mostly used to destroy the credibility of Scripture. The reason we need

Bobby Killmon – Answering Questions on the Light Doctrine

How would you address the claim that “There are 'good people' who haven’t obeyed Acts 2:38 who might be saved…” or will perhaps be “…judged by the light they knew”?    First, I wouldn’t answer that personally but instead would let Scripture speak on that clearly. Scripture does not say people will

Bobby Killmon – Biblical Length for Women’s Hair

Is it clear Scripture does not leave ambiguous whether a woman’s hair is okay to trim if it’s still technically long?    This is one of our key biblical distinctions from the Apostle’s doctrine addressing the distinction in sexes. A fascinating thing is while some Apostolics are picking up “studied ambiguity” from non-Apostolic

Bobby Killmon – How to Listen and Read Critically

I always hear from elders to “listen and read critically” to preachers and other commentaries. How can I do that well? (Part 2)   In my last column I was dealing with how liberal approaches start with assumptions that inform the whole task of theology that follows. If we believe the Bible

Bobby Killmon – Baptism in the Book of Acts

Does the Greek show that the references in the book of Acts do not actually give the name to be used in baptism, but rather only mean "in the authority of Jesus”? If so, does this make Mt. 28:19 the only biblical formula to use for baptism?   Short answer? No. Longer

Bobby Killmon – Why Three-Type Language?

As Apostolics do not believe in the trinity, what would be the point of three-type language in 2 Cor.13:14?    The clear language of this text is in harmony with Oneness or Apostolic belief. There are several points to consider when interpreting this passage, but I will address just a few due