Leadership Matters by Bobby Killmon

Leadership matters. The “great man theory”, fallen out of vogue today, shows that individuals have so impacted moments in the movement of history that they’ve shaped the world in profound ways both positive and negative. The concept is some people, in official positions or not, had incredible influence due to

Bobby Killmon – Speaking in Tongues

Why do you insist that being filled with the Spirit includes speaking in tongues every time when Acts 8 shows believers did not speak in tongues EVERY time?   Well, first remember the book of Acts is a whole. M\So, must an author of the same book mention the same thing

Bobby Killmon – David? Solomon?

In college, a professor said that archeology has not found any trace at all of groups of people in Judea and Jerusalem during the 10th century BC, when King David and King Solomon are supposed to be there. My professor asked, “How can any Christian take the OT as serious