These Are Not Drunken As Ye Suppose

I remember well several nights that the now notorious Jim Jones of Jonestown, Guyana came to our home. His roots were in Indiana, and he pastored for many years in Indianapolis. Early in his ministry, he spent a time preaching in Apostolic churches, and during that era he visited my

Muddied Definitions

There is a conflict between the Holy Spirit and the flesh. And it is never insignificant. The outcome of that battle determines everything. Christianity, even among modern Pentecostals, at least to some degree, is facing a stormy anti-Christian, anti-Bible bias that is being pressed upon culture, politics and education. Think of

Slow or Sudden Came the Change

Young souls, that come to claim your place In Christ’s enlisted band, And seek the mighty sevenfold grace Through touch of pastoral hand   The eyes that scan your ranks today Are moist with hope and fear; Just entered on the stern, sweet way, — Oh! Will you persevere?   Alas for thousands that have knelt Where you are bending now! You

The Right to Be a Pilgrim

Modified from John Bunyan’s great allegory “The Pilgrim’s Progress,” came a single hymn with these powerful lyrics. "No foes shall stay his might, Though he with giants fight: He will make good his right To be a pilgrim                                       Since, Lord, thou dost defend                                       Us with thy Spirit                                       We know we at

At the Edge

Several years ago, I walked out to the edge of the Grand Canyon, near a spot where a young lady had recently jumped to her death. A nearby park ranger approached me and engaged me in a conversation about the dangers of being near the edge. He said, “There are

Fair to Middling

“Oh, fair to middling, I guess.” Such was a common greeting among the farmers gathered at the Farm Bureau store or the grain elevator to gossip about the latest news or to track the price of corn. My father, and the others, mostly greeted one another with the question, “How

Straight to the Point

“We are living through the largest unregulated social experiment of all time—a generation of youth who have been exposed to extreme content online, and we are facing serious socio-technological implications” (Psychologist Michael Seto). As a child, I lived in a Pentecostal, holiness culture - it was a way of life. My world,

Dialogue With Reality

I suspect we would all agree that no political campaign in recent history has incited more dialogue, denunciation, false news, real news, insulting rages, horrible feuding, bold oratory and occasionally some powerful and commanding rhetoric. Laying aside political opinion, it is obvious that despite the ugliness of the debates and

The King’s Sword

The moment in the drama of David’s battle against Goliath is well-explored, but at the risk of losing the reader’s interest, I nevertheless beg the indulgence. Consider the significant moment when David - strapping on the king’s borrowed sword - paused. He undoubtedly was thinking about what he was preparing to

A Certain Way of Life

I often frame the question among certain friends and family: “If we lose our trust and faith in the Word of God and the principles of holiness and separation from the world, where do we go? Where do we end up? Where do our children end up?” The end result

Kill The Bugs & Pull the Weeds: The Loss of Discernment

The ability of this generation to exercise Godly judgment, the discerning of spirits, is the key factor in their responsibility to “keep the faith.” One could make the argument that the elements needed for revival and new growth are in hand. This generation of Apostolics has exceeded expectations. They are rich